Is there diving in football?

Watching the game tonight there was a play where Durie exaggerated a facemask after Hall grazed his helmet. This was maybe a small example, but we have seen this before. Is this football's version of "diving" for a penalty?

I thought his chinstrap was tugged a little (where it snaps up high) but, yeah, "embellishment."

Definitely. Didn't you see Alex Suber diving at Chad Kackert's knees during the Toronto-Winnipeg game?

Go visit Chad at the hospital if you don't think there's diving.

Absolutely there is. The receivers are by far the worst for it, at the top of the list would be Terrence Edwards. Chris Getzlaf is pretty bad, or has been in the past also. These guys eventually build up a reputation and they stop getting the PI calls that they should. The guys in stripes might give them the benefit of the doubt a few times, but eventually they'll stop if they abuse it.

Another example today with the punter, we see this often too. Slight contact sold to make look much worse for the penalty.
While the diving is not something out of hand, could someone get an unsportsmanlike penalty for this? I don't think it's ever been called.

I'd be okay with following the NBA's lead (I feel dirty now) and fining guys after reviewing the tape for stuff like this. It's a lot to ask of the refs to call these penalties in games, they aren't overly great at judgement calls as is.

Upon reviewing the CFL rulebook, there does not appear to be a penalty for diving. It does not even appear to qualify as objectionable conduct.

Unsportsmanlike conduct