Is there anywhere to party on Sat night

I am driving in from Ohio for the game and will get in on Saturday evening, is there anywhere to party on Saturday night, to get ready for the game, or do I just need to hit the rack early Saturday evening, in the past always showed up on game day so I,ve never been in Hamilton the night before a game--just wondering?

First we need to know where you are staying. There is a Bulldogs game at Copps 7pm. There are a number of choices downtown for bars and restaurants bu you need to help us out a bit on what you are looking for

Go to Hess Village

Hess..Rokbar, Sizzle, Che, bunch of bars. Then there's Slaintes which is downtown off of Main St.

I agree, go to hess village. It’s just west of the downtown core. Good bar to start is Diavlo’s. Cheep pops and mixes, till midnight $2. Regardless, Hess has many, many places all on one street. And different kinds of bars for diffrent tastes. Enjoy!

Mere blocks and a few minutes walk from the west harbourfront site.

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LMAO!! Well done. :lol:

Hess is probably your best bet. On a good night you can see two police officers fist fighting. :wink: