Is there anywhere in the States CFL games can be viewed?

Altitude doesn't appear to be carrying them this year... :roll:

Most games are available streamed on line. Try ESPN360 might also carry some games for the first two months of the season, or you might find some games on Comcast Sport Net, depending on where you live.

If you are in Metro Philly they might show games on The Comcast Network, channel 8, which is different from Comcast Sports Net though you might find it on that channel in other Comcast markets like most of Metro Washington DC, Suburban Indianapolis, and areas in and around Chicago.

Apparently Comcast showed only the Friday night games last year I heard from a local fan.

As stated before, there is also

I think in about two years most of us will be able get reliable and inexpensive coverage wirelessly as exists now mostly only for techies with some sort of reliable 4G service that I heard is anything but inexpensive too.

It's a long time coming too for North America which lags the rest of the world in wireless technology in awful fashion especially down here in the US with shoddy networks that don't come close to all the wasteful and flashy advertising such as for the iPhone and the dumb ads for "Droid." There is also some new service called FloTV but I don't know anything about the reality of it.