Is there anything this team does better then the rest?

This being professional sports. I was wondering today. Is there anything football related that this team is better at then their competitors? Anything inovative?

I could not come up with anything. Can anyone come up with something? Because it seems to me that to make up ground and catch up they would have to do something, anything better then their competition. This isn't going to fix itself is it?

This is an opportunity for the "positive" crowd to make a case.

Haven't looked at the stats recently, but they were out-punting and out-kicking everyone else for most of the season.

And when healthy the running game has been very good - the problem has been with the healthy part.

Not enough to overcome weak pass protection and pass rush, but some positives anyway.

yes LOSE

we are first in basically every rushing statistic......we have the best punter in the league....who is also a pretty damn good kicker.....and....thats about it

We have the best website? lol.

Yea we did have the best running stats in the league but I think by signing KK Mr OB has taken care of that by creating dissention with Caully Smith and Lumsden.
OB Where's the beef.

I believe Setta is the leading punter this season, based on yard average.

Something the Cats do better than any other team? Not re-signing good talent, trading away good talent for a bag of magic beans, and spending money on players they don't need. In these three areas, they excel.