Is There Anything positive?

Only 1 wrong out if ten, not too bad. :slight_smile:

There's at least one on the south side (near midfield, on the wall away from the field). And last I checked it works.

Ask us after tonights game! :smiley:

I know it's already been said, but Nick Setta.

Actually, I asked[i] whether the people
who weren't saying positive things

like the topic and Mark asked,

are [/i]cynics.

I agree, that, is very close to
all out calling them 'cynics.'

Then, I found out the word 'cynic'
is the Greek word for 'dog'

and got 'a kick out of'
bringing that fact up.

I apologize to those
who were offended, Tina.

I should have just suggested
that people stick to the topic.

Geoff Tisdale played very well
in his first start at halfback.

Rontarious Robinson played well
in his first start at safety.

According to Coach Sal, Robinson's cover skills
allow the Defence to play some has man-to-man.

Anyone have more to add?

I like that they sell beer still in its can - it makes me feel so grown up.

I like that the ticket price increase in section 7 has driven people to section 8, so that there is a big crowd atmosphere even when there isn’t a big crowd.

I like that my kids are so young that they love going to games, as yet unaware of what’s been going on with the team.

I like that whichever poster said that the South stands is better than the North stands is back on his meds and is reported to be doing fine.

I like that I decided NOT to buy my son a Moreno jersey a month ago, just as I was happy that I decided not to buy him a Cody jersey before last season. His slightly cheaper no-name and no-number jerseys (home and away) and my daughter’s no-name and no-number away jersey show either a lack of confidence or a confidence that the best is yet to come.

I love that big flag - damn, I love that big flag. It’s so beautiful, especially from way up high. Every so often it alone is worth the price of my ticket (just don’t tell Mitchell I said so).

I like that the current owner has the ability, and so far the drive, to weather this storm.

I like that I was away for several days during the Moreno debacle and missed most of what must have been an especially ugly time in this forum.

And I like that, based on what I saw in the game the other night, that there are a good number of players on the roster that still have a lot of fight left in them. With a lame duck coach and the Moreno debacle still a fresh wound, I fully expected a complete collapse and the game, while disappointing, was far from that.