Is There Anything positive?

If there is I love to hear it!

Not at this time

They exist
They have the best owner
They are not the NFL
They are not the bombers
Someday they will win the cup again, if they dont fold first

TC and Stripes are the best mascots in the league

The thing I like best this season is the Molson Canadian tall boys, much better than bud.

Nice new office on Jarvis Street.
Lovely gift shop.
New stairs at Ivor Wynne Stadium.
The CF-18's were very loud on Labour Day.
Chance for a 25% discount on 2009 season tickets.
Best half-time magician act in the CFL.
Largest Canadian flag in the league.
Dont have Kerry Joseph.

The argos suck even worse than you do!

They area NOT the blue team...

Nick Setta.

You're welcome. :wink:

End of thread? LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought Porter did ok, all things considered.

Best running game in the league

At this rate, not for long.

Here's mine:
There are only 8 games left.

8 games left
WHY CAN'T PEOPLE READ!!!!!!!!!!! This is supposed to be a positive thread. :)

Well, I'm pretty positive there are only 8 games left. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm positive we have the worst O and D Lines in the league. Oh...and the worst GM and President.

Good one BG!!! :rockin:

But seriously folks, this team has some great fans–passionate, funny, loud, knowledgeable, generous, female… That’s a big positive in my book.

An Argo-Cat fan

Could it be that they are all cynics?

And their cynicism distorts their reality?

Cynic: definition

  1. a person who shows or expresses
    a bitterly or sneeringly cynical attitude.

  2. resembling the actions
    of a snarling dog.

That would make them either
dog-like or dogs, Mark.

The name Cynic derives from
the Greek word ???????, kunikos,


and that from ????, kuôn,

"dog" {genitive: kunos}

Or it could be that we are all tired of losing and tired of seeing some of the "building blocks" of this team traded for little or nothing? Calling people dogs or dog-like for expressing a "negative" opinion?? That sort of smacks of the personal attacks you've been railing against recently, Ron.

8) Maybe he meant that this team is going to the dogs !!! :wink:

I am positive that my heart will force me to watch the 'Cats next year even while my head says, "Feet, run the other way."

I am positive that most people on here would actually be not too bad to know personally.

I am positive that Ivor Wynne has the best sight lines.

I am positive that I will never join the Box J boys because my legs are even uglier than theirs.

I am positive that refreshment prices will rise next year.

I am positive that I have the best 'secret' parking spot.

I am positive that the players, coaches, and management don't want to lose.

I am positive that the South stands are better than the North stands.

I am positive that this is only marred by the lack of water fountains on the South side.

I am B+ bloodtype.

These are a few of my positive things.

When the 'Cats win
When we tackle
We we play with pride
I simply will cheer and I'll jump and I'll yell
And then my face I won't hide.*

*with apologies to Fraulein Maria