Is There Any Way To Move Empire Stadium to Another City?

Since building stadiums in this country is next to impossible, is there anyway to move Empire stadium to a city that wants a CFL franchise?
From what I've seen it looks like an adequate and cheap solution to get a stadium to get a team off the ground. .
Or if not that, is there any way Braley could move it to Toronto and plant it somewhere far from the Skydome?
Don't know if anybody has looked into this option, but if they haven't they should.

well, Empire was made to be assembled and disassembled thus you would think it could be transported to another region/city.

Either way, certain amenities would have to be added thereafter although it may be feasible cost wise to a region ala Moncton, Halifax or Quebec City to use.

Someone should try to locate the manufacturer and see what is involved.

It would make sense.
You get an instant stadium.
Surprised Braley hasn't looked into at least moving it into Toronto.

As far as I understand it, the stadium was leased from the company that built it, and that company still owns (most of) the materials. If somebody wanted the same type of stadium somewhere else, they could lease another one from the same company without having to worry about whether or not they're done with the one in BC. If they wanted it for a longer term than Empire (which they probably would), though, it would cost more than Empire did.

If that is the case, then someone may be able to buy Empire Stadium outright since it is "used" and built as a CFL standard stadium, or inquire if the company does lease to own on long term arrangements.

I believe it was said that it is a 10 year use max stadium, and I don't think you would want it more than 2. It hasnt full service concords, so everyone must leave the stadium to get stuff/hit washcarts. Therefor, your footprint is also significantly larger.

funny this is brought up. I recall Wally suggesting last year that they use this similar style satium idea in on the east coast or anyhwere that wants to expand but needs a stadium. Now that the CFL had it, im sure they can do something to adjust the sight lines.