Is there any US channel carrying Ottawa vs. Sask. on TV ?

Is there any way of seeing the Ottawa/Sask. game on TV. ? Any Pay per view or anything ? :?: :?: :?:

Go to the "The Game" option at the top of the page, click on "US Bradcast Schedule". It will tell you there.

If the game is not on here in Canada...I very much doubt it would be on in the US.

Too bad that great Canadian cable network, Rogers Sportsnet, didn't pick up the remainder of the games available this year. Easier, I guess, to just pull a US baseball telecast from an American network and broadcast a game like the ever important Mariners vs Devil Rays - exciting stuff for sure!

I would like to know the behind the scenes stuff as to why Rogers didn't pick up any games. I emailed them about this a while ago and they replied that the numbers of viewers didn't justify carrying the game but I think there is way more to this than such an easy explanation like this.

They just need more room for Baseball. But wait a minute. Baseball is AMERICA's passtime. 60% of Canadians could care less about it. So how do they justify taking baseball over at least 7 CFL games.

Exactly milkman. What is this Rogers Sportsnet company anyway?

There really isn't anything "great" about Rogers Sportsnet

Oh, there is something "great" about them like how "great" they are hiring people like Paul Godfrey and having him say publicly "I'm an NFL guy" and not showing that he cares about the CFL at all.
Oh yea, they are really great, so "great" in fact that I don't plan on watching them very much at all any more.

If Sportsnet cared about ratings they would pick up a Saskatchewan Roughriders game if it were avaialble.

Did anyone actually look at their line up this Friday night?

This is what they have listed for Sportsnet West Friday evening:

  • Bob McCown Prime Time Sports
  • Motocross
  • Sportsnet News
  • Strong man competition from Moscow
  • MLB: St. Louis vs. Los Angeles

What the hell kind of an excuse is ratings? Most of these shows are just filler for Canadian sports fans.

I NEVER watch Sportsnet. May as well call it ‘Jays TV’. Their lineup tomorrow night is pathetic. Yeah, they should have picked up the remaining CFL games not carried by TSN and CBC. Losers…

Good one High Five, I like that “Jays TV”. We should all boycott them until they start showing respect to the CFL.

I agree, but make sure you voice your opinion of their programming through an email.

I sent them an email politely telling them what I think of their programming and how I would watch them more if they showed some CFL games not picked up by TSN or CBC.

I don't care if Sportsnet doesn't show CFL, their coverage was terrible anyways. They bring me almost all of my Oilers games so I'm not complaining :slight_smile: