Is There Any Reason to Believe ....

Surprised and certainly pleased with the Cats tonight. They proved me wrong, and have given me "reason to believe" that they are the best of the low 5 teams in the league. A convincing enough win to give hope that maybe they could beat one of the top 3 teams before the year is done.

Pretty good prediction, ExPat!

That was another good prediction. Definitely lose to the actual score.

AB3 and the rest of the receiving corps sure got the job done. Bruce had 142 rec. yards and could be the league leader in rec. yards by this Tuesday. Stala had that fumble, but like he said on the sidelines, he had to make up for it, and did. Was good to see Mann get that deep pass to get us into FG range at the end of the half. It was also good to not see them appear to be deflated after the TD late in the half. I was surprised that holes could not be opened for Cobb, though he did get us a TD and 2 point convert, thanks to some good blocks.

On the other side of the ball, the D looked much better this week. Baggs kept his "at least one big play per week" streak going since he got here. Barker also impressed with that sack and with his coverage. And you had to like seeing Tisdale take what would have been a TD out of the hands of Stamps and turning it into a pick. And Hinds did a good job keeping Stamps from getting a first down, and caught an armpunt at the end. I'm actually saying many good things about the secondary, wow.

A great job by the team tonight. :thup:

You'll have to forgive me if part of me was hoping for an Edmonton TD (plus 2-pt convert) on that last drive, which would have given me my exact prediction. But I'll take the Hinds interception too.

The team looked unbeatable, I don't think anyone will beat them this year.
We are going to go finish at 14 -7

You're right, BYF, that's an even closer prediction that ExPat's. Pretty good for a guy who had to watch the game "an hour later."

Believe in it, my friend. Right now I am in your future writing this.

You were saying??

I have two questions regarding the Hamilton Tigercats defense. 1. Why didn't they play like this last week? I don't think there were any major changes...other than in attitude from last week to this week. 2. Which defense will we see next week and here on in?

NO!! there no reason to Believe .... YET
we not beat anyone good this year
We are not a good Road Team
This still a 500 Football Team .
They have yet to Beat a Good Team soundly.

If they beat Montreal soundly I will Believe...
Cause both time they play Montreal the ticats have beaten Soundly.

If you dont believe after lastnights game Tom then i dont know what to say to you!
We will make it to the playoffs and anyone can win ANY game on any given Day!

I have to agree with you Onknight. While last nights game was good to see....I won't start believing until they can consistently play like last nights game. (Whether they win or not...just play hard AND consistent).

Every team has BAd games, the Cats proved to me lastnight beyond a shadow of a delt that they are a contending Team!
Some so called fans will find anything to find error's in the Team! But there all be singing a different song when I have said from the begining of Camp, the Cats will meet the Stamps in the Grey Cup and Sandro will kick the game winning field goal.
TI-CATS 2010 Grey Cup CHAMPS!!! Why because I BELIVE!!! :rockin:
Oskee Wee Wee!!! :rockin:

Lol :lol: While I welcome your enthusiasm for the team...I think we might be wise to take it "one game at a time". :wink:

Getting into the play-offs, healthy, with home field is our #1 priority. Then, again, one game at a time. Anything can happen in this league and I want the Ticats to "peak" at the end of the regular season.

I don't want to "jinx" us by talking about Ticats and GC so I'll just say that let's hope we make it to "the dance". :wink:

As Long as Montreal Has AC It Won't Matter ...
The Ticats have prove they can Beat Montreal Now
till they beat Montreal They not a Good Team
There just a 500 Team

Here in the future it is 3:05 and Montreal is leading Laval 10-3 in the second quarter.


Hey, don't spoil it for me, eh?

Montreal can loss to any team at any time, just look at last week, gee some of us have very short memories. The players that you speak so highly of Tom at least infront of there faces, will be glad to know you have Confidence in them!