Is There Any Reason to Believe ....

  1. ....that the Cats will beat EDM tonight?
  2. ....that the Cats will beat EDM, in a convincing fashion, tonight?

If we are to have any serious hope for a late season run to respectability, I think they have to win this one convincingly. With the exception of them going into WPG, totally unprepared, for the season opener, the Tiger-Cats had won EVERY game they've played this year against the 4 teams almost everyone considered to be weaker than them. That was, until last Sunday in EDM.
So, last week could certainly be considered a(negative) turning point. They're on a 2-game losing which, if it wasn't for the complete 4th Qtr. meltdown by the Lions 3 weeks ago, would be a 4-game losing streak. Reports would indicate that the Eskimos, on a 2-game win streak, have done more than the Cats to prepare for this rematch and their two roster changes (Peterson & Ellis in / Binder & Pettway out) would have to be considered upgrades, where HAM's one move (Ike Brown in / Heyward out) is a concern.

To me, those are the facts and so my answers to my 2 questions are ... 1) I can't thing of any, other than home field advantage. 2) No.

I think Ticats will win tonight. I can't offer a convincing reason though. My reason is this: it seems so unlikely. None of us expects them to win, therefore they will probably surprise us.

Hamilton 36
Edmonton 19

Last week was the pivot point for the season. The players are going to do one of two things. Either use that loss as a rallying point, dig deep and start playing to their potential, or allow it to drag them down and the season will be a bust. Tonight the season is up to them. I believe they can go the Grey Cup. The question is do they?

I don't care if they win by 1 point or 20. I believe they will win just because.

It's a key game, no question. Edmonton is better than people thought as we found out last week, they will have to be ready to play.

The last two losses (which came down to the last play)we had were because of the mistakes made on both sides of the ball. Obie from what I read wants less mistakes made(read play better) or other people will be given an opportunity. I thought Greg Marshall was going to have a nut on the sidelines over mistakes and I'm sure he will not put up with them much longer. That being said Edm. is a good ball team( Ricky Ray is outstanding)but this will be some players last chance to prove they should start on this team. Ham.31 Edm.21

I think the Cats will win tonight, although maybe not convincingly. Marshall tore a strip off the defense last week and I think that will motivate them tonight and I'm fairly certain if mistakes take place Marshall will make the adjustments quickly. We can't afford to goof around with any more with excuses. The defense kept us in many games and I think they can do it again.

Hamilton 52

Edmonton 17

Go Cats ! :cowboy:

Tiger- Cats 38 Edmonton 14 I will be watching, an 8:30 start on my TV, I wanna see all you crazy Ti- Cat fans tonight so get wild! GO CATS!!!!!

Well, you better not go on the game thread, unless you like spoilers from those of us who get to watch it an hour earlier. :wink: :lol:

Oh, and Cats 49, Esks 35. Can't see our defence holding them, but our offence will be flying. ( Xm )

Well..taking a gander at his user name, he is from New Bruswick. So he is from the future by an hour..

Cats by two scores!

A Mike Gibson offence doesn't fly, how many times have we scored more than 30 points this season? Once?

Last week the D/ST got a touchdown and two safeties.

Hamilton: 27
Edmonton: 20

Really? Is that what the "from NB" means? Never would have known that. :oops: Thanks.

Really? Is that what the "from NB" means? Never would have known that. :oops: Thanks. :roll:

You are aware of time zone changes right? So his 830 is our he'll be watching it live...therefore if he did go on the forums there wouldnt be a spoiler?


Maybe I need a lesson in use of emoticons. Let's see. Wink followed by laughter ( :wink: :lol: ). You don't suppose that might mean I was joking, do you? And the Rolling Eyes ( :roll: ) on my reply, as in "OMG, he didn't get it"? (Probably shouldn't have put the Embarrased in; actually wanted to put it in quotes, but hit the submit button by mistake and then my PC froze up preventing me from editing it. Oh well.)

Apologies to anyone who took me seriously.

so you beleive in time travel???

Yeah, maybe some wishful thinking (hence the fingers crossed). But if AB3 can come out of his funk - not sure what’s happened, but he’s missed a few easy-looking catches lately - and McD can pick up from last week, then we have a shot. I have no doubt Cobb will have another good game, just hope he hangs onto the football tonight. Mann is starting to show why we brought him in. Bauman too. I see Stala’s on the chart, which is definitely a good thing.

So, still Xm (fingers crossed).

I guess I missed his joke. :oops: Really this time?

Yea I want it to happen just as bad as you do. Just dont think it will.

Fingers crossed here as well.