is there any chance matthews or shivers will be hired as gm?

They aren't currently working in the CFL, but both have extensive experience as GM's.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Don in the Hammer With his dark shades on telling the Media where to go!!

8) Not a chance for either one of them !!!!!

Is there a chance......? NO.

If there is it so small Change
it nothing to worry about
Maybe 1 in a Billion Chance..

Let's hope not!

Just say no to roy shivvers

Here is an interesting tidbit from today's column by Steve Simmons of The Toronto Sun:

"Whispers within the CFL have Blue Bombers general manager Brendan Taman considering leaving Winnipeg to take the Hamilton GM job but only if David Asper gets control of the Bombers."

If this is correct, then the big question is whether Taman will know whether David Asper has control of the Bombers by Dec 1/07, which is the hiring deadline set by Ticat president Scott Mitchell.

I was under the impression that Mitchell wanted someone who had, not only previous GM experience, but proven themselves at the helm of a Grey Cup winner.
Does Taman have that on his resume?

Please, God, and Caretaker, "NOT SHIVERS"...he hires people on a racial basis as opposed any sensible one, which is why Saskatchewan is only getting its due after his release/firing...(and same to an only slightly lesser degree with Danny B...)

There has been no mention of Dave Ritchie?
Many years of CFL experience, part of management while in Winnipeg, and has 2 Grey Cups on under his belt.