Is there any chance David Carr could be CFL bound?

He just got waived by the NFL Texans, who (I guess) couldn't trade him.

I'm not a huge NFL fan. Can anyone tell me if Carr is expected to be picked up off the NFL waiver wire? And if not, is there any chance of him being lured to the CFL? He seems to have completely fallen out of favour in the No Fun League.

I have seen him play. He is quite athletic. I could see him fitting in very well somewhere up North.

Hi ticatsackattack:

An article on the website yesterday noted that Houston Texans quarterback David Carr received a salary of $6.2 million in 2006. Therefore, Carr would probably have to be unemployed or underemployed for two to three years before any CFL team could afford him.

Yes, money will keep him in the NFL until the well there runs dry, I guess. Good point. Thanks, TCTD.

No chance...hes really not that bad of a QB. Do remember I think he set the record for getting sacked as a QB a couple years there. Som e team will take a change and develop him properly instead of fearing for his life in Texas.

I wouldn't want him, he has accuracy problems nor does he have good pocket awareness, he gets sacked a lot (not always the lines fault) and I don't think he's passionate enough about the game that he'd want to come up here, he'd probably rather retire and sit around and count his millions.

Someone should make a form with ticatsackattack's question,

'Is there any chance he can be lured to the CFL?' on it,

and TCTD's answer to that age old question

with a blank spot where David Carr's name is
and a blank spot to fill in the correct number
of million dollars that particular player earns.

so people can just fill in the name of the
player they fantasize would come to the CFL

and the 'between jobs' NFLer's recent salary. :oops: :twisted: :smiley:

hes a good nfl backup

He's gonna get another shot in the NFL before he's done. He's spent his entire career playing behind one of the worst O-lines anywhere, ever.

Carr is a good QB, he's just behind an awful line. I'm surprised ANYONE can get 60% acc. on the Texans.

THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Mods please start ersing dumb threads like these.

Ouch... someone has the grumpies today. :slight_smile:

Carr will be a Dolphin Shortly..
There already Talking Contract..
Don't Think be in CFL Ever.

The Detroit Lions May have Trent Green if this dose happen.

The first thing I thought of when the news came out about Carr was when are the Argos gonna add him on their neg. list? :o

They will, as soon as Harrington's agent returns one of Rita's 100 phone calls.

Wow this is crazy...Carr is a former 1st overall pick...He has played on one of the worst teams in the league since the teams inception before the 2002 season...I'm sure there are tons of teams that will want him...Even if he doesn't play next year theres is no chance he would come to the CFL