is there an official redblacks fan site?

Any fan site up yet for the Redblacks.... can't wait for the big first home game. Should be a blast!!

Do you mean a message board like this one? I know of a blog called “Defend The R” which has interviews and such if that’s what’s on your mind.

Most Ottawa CFL fans are posting on another board separate to with no moderators and restrictions.
They discuss the games, the players and all other CFL teams too.

do you have a link to the other boards? I'm a new fan residing in Denver, looking to get more involved.

I’m familiar with that one. The board is private for a number of reasons, including wanting to avoid spam, trolls, and such, and keeping it Ottawa-specific. You’ll probbly just need to submit a brief request for membership. I’ll pm you the link, there’s just something I need to check first.

The best one is on Facebook called RedBlack Nation. Join us it's run by real fans by the fans.