Is there an East semi-final going on???

Youd never know it. Come on guys lets here a little
trash talking at least.

Hows ticket sales??

Maybe Toronto should pull the old ban the mascot trick.

Argo fans don’t come here much. Try:

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whats the ticket count at so far?...any word?

Considering the East was a bit of a turtle derby, I'm not surprised at the lack of enthusiasm. Any one of the three Eastern teams could end up in the Grey Cup. Its all down to who wants it the most.

I'm expecting a defensive battle in Toronto, Maybe a 17-14 score?

TSN did a story yesterday, on milt stegall knockin toronto sports fans for not caring about the CFL.

watch the video here ( scroll down to the videos ):


ya see us bomber fan know how to trash talk and do it from time to time. but we keep cool. we played a bad last game of the season with the unfortunate lose of 2 key players. But stegall is trash talking for us all so we will let our team do the talking and back them up 100%.

pluck pluck

It is not up to an Alouettes fan to start the trash talking. I am totally eager to watch the East semi because nothing is at stake for my team... for now. I'll just watch without caring for whoever wins.

I just hope it's going to be a hard fought battle so that the winner is already exhausted when getting in the plane for Montreal !

:twisted: :thup:

Did Milt forget to look at Winnipegs Grey Cup ticket count???

Thats what I’m hoping for in the West, Triple overtime, minus 30 degree tempratures, two feet of snow and 70MPH winds! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

This isnt should be more then
comfortable with a sweater and fall coat.

Weather can change on a dime here but right now its looking good
for Sunday.

That's one thing I always thought was funny. Growing up in Saskatoon, I'd always hear "if you don't like the weather, wait 15 min and it'll change."

I move here (calgary), and everyone tells me how volatile the weather is.... as if this is the only place it changes quickly. I've since heard (not confirmed in any way) that in parts of Ontario, if it's hot, it'll be hot for a couple weeks, and if it's cold, it'll be cold for a couple weeks. What's the fun in that? :slight_smile:

38,000+ came to last weeks ARGO game and 30,000+ before that. :thup:

What were the T.V. ratings for the ARGO/MONTREAL game not including RDS? :thup:

Ticket sales just went to the whole public today! :thup:

keith pelly was in the sun today sayin he only expects 35,000 for the east semi.

perhaps if the argos didnt look so bad during so many home games this year ( 11-9 ticat game, beatdown from the lions, 13-9 loss riders, montreal steals the division ), theyd have a bigger crowd.

that plus kevin glenn's injury makes it a rather obvious outcome, and i would miss the more entertaining western playoff game on the drive home....i know these things have discouraged me from going this year...

There's a Raptors game at the same time although I don't know if the people that go to Raptors games also go to Argos games.

Toronto should really be big enough for both, we’ll see…

Let's remember something, Milt is quoted in the paper!!, without any context or understanding of his purpose. I think that Toronto has a population that should support at least 80,000 fans per game, I mean that's what all the "other" league supporters say isn't it? It's too bad that Pinball has to lower himself to carnival shill to get people off their cans. OOOh,OOOh let's all prove Milt wrong... Is Milt bigger than the actual attration of the Argo's playing in a Semi-final? PA-THE-TIC!!!!!

more like cluck cluck

A healthy bomber squad would have little trouble handling the argos, but with our guys not 100% it probably comes down to the kickers and Noella is money compared to Driftwood.