Is There a Formula For Beating Ottawa?

Years ago, 1967 I believe, the Ottawas had a gifted receiver with more speed than Sinopoli and Ellingson. Margene Adkins was their deep threat. The TiCat solution to stopping him was to put Bob Krause, our tough Canadian linebacker, right in Adkins’ face at the line of scrimmage . Krouse pounded him the entire game . Problem solved !

Krause did things like that for his entire CFL career in Hamilton. Grey Cup intercepts and blocked punts highlight his Cat life from 1963 to 1975. He will be a hall of fame inductee .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Key to bumping a receiver now is that it has to be within that 5 yard of the line of scrimmage zone. With a yard off for defenders, and the ability of the receiver to be moving into the restraining zone at the snap, it is a tough play without being called for contact or interference. I think the side officials lean to the offence on those calls. Rarely hear offensive interference as in the NFL.

But I remember Krouse schooling Adkins that game. Thing of beauty for us fans of defensive football.

Yep, we would have to make sure that the pass rush gets to Harris before Ellingson/Sinopoli get past the 5 yards. Unfortunately, it would likely leave us exposed to the deep ball over the middle to Spencer, but he's not as good a receiver as the other two, so I would play that percentage.

When he plays against HAM, Spencer is all-world. Seven receiving TDs all year, but three of them came in the last two games against us. And remember his 496-yard game last year?

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They've each played all-world against us over the years, but I can't see us being able to shut down all of them plus Powell at the same time. If Spencer starts to accumulate yards, then you switch one of the press DBs to him.

just do what we did to Ottawa in the first matchup of the season when they scored ZERO TDs.

What kind of a pack? Lunch pack, back pack, wolf pack. Either way it better be a pretty impressive pack if you want a Grey Cup. :wink:

Yeah, the scary part is that over the three games, Ottawa became progressively better, while Hamilton peaked early in the second game then slid backwards. Let’s hope Ottawa has peaked and is ripe for a slide.

Of course, I’m assuming a win for the Cats in the semi-final!

Play mistake free football and be physical along the line of scrimmage. Harris hates getting hit and their Linebackers and DB’s are small, you need to beat them up with the run game.

That's a big assumption! It will be two and out, just like our play calling.


You laughed. Admit it. lol

Cut Down on all the Penalties.

Formula is:
Cats score “x+1?
Opponents score “x?

Have our receivers all miraculously become healthy while theirs all go down with season ending injuries! :wink:I am joking of course!

They do need to disrupt Harris somehow and cover the receivers closer than they were in the last couple of games although for the most part they limited the YAC, but the DBs or LBs need to be trying to break up the passes or create fumbles to recover,

Cutting down penalties IS A MUST! Just saw an article on the CFL site about how good teams succeed and it showed that the Ticats are about 8/9 in number of penalties accrued during the season! :-[ At least two - if not three - times in Ottawa the D took dumb penalties that allowed OTTRB drives to continue (all for a score I might add) when they had already managed a stop to get them off the field. i will give a pass to STE (Erls) for the contacting the kicker (what SHOULD have been called) infraction - timing was just a hair of a second off on that play - unfortunately. :frowning: :frowning: