Is There a Formula For Beating Ottawa?

Might as well discuss it seeing how this team just cannot seem to motivate themselves against the RBs. I’m up to here with losing to Ottawa. Any ideas for June Jones? He can use all the help he can get.

You forgot to add as an option:

Study the film of the other teams that beat them.

you spelled Santa wrong :slight_smile:

FootbalYouSpellCheck? :wink:

We need an all of the above. :wink:

Score more points than Ottawa ?

Pressure Harris so he can’t nickel and dime us with the 8 yard completions, and Ottawa is beatable.

We haven’t blitzed much lately. I’d like to see a lot more Ticat blitzes in the semi-final.

Hire a couple of new coaches?

Hey, you asked.

Sweep the leg!

You’re right, Grover. I tried to add that option after I submitted it but couldn’t modify it. I’m not too tech savy but then again, neither was Abraham Lincoln so I guess it puts me in fine company already!

Abe was a great guy, I think Pat knew him

  1. Beat BC.

There. Fixed it for ya. :smiley:

When Harris is hot, he’s great with the short, quick hitters which is a major part of their offence.

Since the dline cannot get to him quickly enough (similar to D McManus’s MO and success), perhaps they should be throwing up their arms to screen Harris’s view or hopefully knock down those quick hitters. Disrupt his rhythm rather than putting the dbs under so much pressure.

I say make a pack with Satan. Because with the lack of a Dline,Receivers,running game, we don’t
have a chance in hell.

well, if one doesn't stand a chance in hell, then satan cant be of any help

by hammer harris, I assume you mean to take him out for drinks the night before :slight_smile:

There's no other reasonable explanation for the Argos' Grey Cup win last year.

That's why you need to make a pack with him.So he will give you a chance.

You have to pressure Harris, & at the same time, have your 2 best DBs bump Ellingson & Sinopoli off the line to take away his quick passing game. He always looks to them when he’s in trouble.