Is there a deadline for signing new players to a CFL team?

Yes I know the trade deadline has come and gone, just wondering if there is a deadline for bringing people in that are not currently in the CFL?

Lets say a major injury in the last 2 weeks of the reg season to a position that you just could not fill via a current back up? Could a team bring a retired player at any point?

What about a week/days before the Grey Cup, could a team bring in say even a QB that is currently out of the CFL to dress for the Grey Cup?

I think the answer is yes, but just wondered if anybody knew?

There is no deadline; a new/old player to the CFL can be signed anytime.


Thanks that was what I thought, but was not 100% certain. So its in the realm of possibility that Doug Flutie could be one of the starting QBs for the 2011 Grey Cup if a team brought him in.

Yes I know my example is a bit out there, but nevertheless. Lets say one of the finalists starters broke his leg, and they called Flutie...Doug we need you for the Grey Cup game, you have 3 days to prepare, you will be the starter, are you in? I can see Doug saying NO PROBLEM

We have seen 2 qbs injured in one game, lets say just for fun, Tate goes down, out for the season and Henry also gets hurt for the season. And lets say it happens during Grey Cup week, in a car together that is rear ended even, both have injuries (non life threatening) but enough to keep them out of the big game.

Probably bring in Flutie and Bishop

Oldtimers can correct me if my memory is faulty, but I am pretty sure the Ottawa Rough Riders signed Steve Mazurak, a retired player who used to play for Saskatchewan and had not played all season, in time to play in the 1981 Grey Cup game when they ran into injury problems.

I remember seeing Dinwiddie replacing Glenn for a Grey Cup loss (When they were both playing for Winnipeg).

Maybe a retired QB would have been better?

...also, signing dead guys is usually frowned upon

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Do you think Winnipeg would have won the Cup had Glenn not been injured? They only lost by four points in that game.

Glenn was injured a week before the Grey Cup, that's not a lot of time to bring a guy in and have him learn the offense.