Is there a curse on QBs in the CFL and NFL?

Look at the trend in the NFL?

Romo, Brees, McCown, Cutler, along with all the QBs in the CFL down.

Along with I'm sure others. Is there a curse?

Players are just getting bigger ,stronger and MUCH faster getting to the QB. Every team will start needing 2 QB's who can play. The Stamps have the best backup in the CFL .

I beg to differ on that statement. The Argos have the best back up in the league... with Ricky Ray set to begin play.

As far as CFL goes, I'm thinking the old habit of loading up the O Line with Canadians as a way to use up Canadian requirements is going to be replaced with new thinking very soon. The O Line is now the most important position on the team and the very best athletes need to be there. If that means Americans, so be it.

...there is a curse, and it was placed on pro football by Jared Lorenzen so he would eventually get called back...

Well okay then, they better get the buffet tables ready for the sidelines in every stadium.

The correction answer is....No

CFL News retweeted
Curtis Rush ?@CurtisGRush
CFL stats guy Steve Daniel says due to injuries the #CFL will soon total 21 different starting QBs this season. For 9 teams. #QBgraveyard

[i]Curse? Maybe.

Anyone else find it strange that Collaros got a season ending injury in the game leading to the BYE week? The same week the Ticats said BYE to their Grey Cup hopes.

Too spooky to be a coincidence… :o [/i]