Is There A Chance On Saturday Night

What do you think? With all the management problems this week in saskatchewan think this is the time for the tigercats to kick the riders while there down? or will kenton keith make the ticat defence look like My Highschool Team. & for an even better question think the tigercats will USE Corey Holmes more often?

I beleive we win on saturday night. I also beleive Maas will have a good night. I also beleive that the "D" will step up. I also can't remember how tospell beleive!

i can't beleive that

I believe we have a good chance of winning,we're only playing Saskatchewan,the very team we beat in our one and seventeen year.... :expressionless:

The Riders might be a mess after what has gone on this week and now Barret is paranoid about his job security, but it might motivate the Green guys to play even harder.

I don't know whether the Cats will win this Saturday, but I hope to God they put in a better effort than what we had to sit through the past two home games. I'll have to question whether it's worth my time making it down to IWS for the remaining games this season if it turns out to be another performance worthy of burying in the kitty litter.

I believe, I believe, I believe.... who are you? Martin Luther King reincarnated?

(just joking here) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe we can have some sort of Spirtual Revival prayer session for the Ticats. Bring up Rev. Jesse Jackson to lead us all in prayer. IWS filled with 29,000 ppl, waving their arms, singing, shouting, and praying.

Can I have an Amen Brothers and Sisters!!

(I'm in some kind of weird zone this afternoon) :wink:

We have as big a chance to win Saturday as George Bush does in a spelling bee.

I'd have more confidence in them if we had Shaw, Cody and Goss in the line-up. But missing them.....leaves me highly skeptical.

And the fact is...the Cats' backs have been to the wall several times this season and yet they really haven't shown anything.

Hehehe BarrencheaFan1

You're bang on. With our banged up secondary, and our uninspired offense, we'll be lucky to make it respectable! :x

Does George have problems spelling?

Just remember the chances we were given to win in Winnipeg a few weeks back.....anything can happen :cowboy:

...just sayin'