is there a cfl video game??

i looked it up but couldnt find one.

i start a season in madden and then skip season then move the team to canada then skip another season that will move the team you picked.
i moved the giants.then create your cfl team and walk all over nfl teams.
crandell is leading the nfl in passing in my game ha ha ha

there are CFL football 99 ans=d that other game Maximan football, but those are really crap.

we need a new updated game like Madden.

People are trying to get a new one made. to help sign here:

i moved the bengals to winnipeg but i cant get the uniforms or logo right the logos u get to choose suck

this is Madden 2005? yeah, the logos are pretty lame in that you can't use the current NFL ones cuz they don't show up on the helmets, and other errors.