Is there a bounty on Burris??

Just saying because that's twice Lawrence goes to Burris's knees!!!!

Yep.....Reggie Dunlop was on the pre game show and put a 100 dollar.... "personal bounty to the first guy that really knocks his block off" :smiley:

What ever happened to the days when CFL players had more respect for each other.

So much for the solidarity from that contract tassel in 2014.

You sir..... are an idiot!

I agree - a Gronk with total personal upside down disease!

Oh .... I am so hurt!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Not saying they were going for Burris's knee but it sure appeared that way.

While I realize idiocy isn't painful to YOU.... it is to most of us!

There appears to be a mutiny on the bounty

If Austin has a problem with a player he'll take the guy down himself. No bounties necessary.

If a player isn't ready to play, including not being ready to take a legal hit to an injured joint, perhaps he shouldn't be on the field.

SL is not a dirty player.. has never been labelled as one.....and should NOT be considered one on a friggen legal hit... HB is just whining because he thinks he deserves special treatment for wearing a brace!

Henry is the hands down league MOP and also the comeback player of the year.

What did he come back from? He's had a great year I'll give you that but I'm not sure what he's come back from .
Comeback player of the year for me might be Mike Reilly not cause I'm an Eskimo fan but had a serious knee injury and led his team to a 14-4 record.

Your right on Oilrocker, totally agree Mike Reilly is the comeback kid of the CFL this year and the guy doesn't whine like hank the Crank either!!

Mike's the strong, silent type he just plays the game he loves to play and brings that winning style to the Eskimos.

I'm surprised by all the BS hype on Burris because now it just demonstrates his lack of class in the CFL as that senior statesmen of the game and potential MOP who many feel is a run away in that category to win?

After yesterday's half time comments by Burris he only demonstrated to me and all fans of the CFL in Canada or fans in the US that Henry should have kept his mouth shut instead of whining away about Simoni being a dirty player, it was an intentional hit,
he tried to end my career, I have family to support, Yah at $500,000 per year contract with Ottawa, geez break out the crying rags for this guy he's on hard times and trying to fight to be a Canadian Citizen, he's under so much pressure??????

THis guy wouldn't make it in the real world if he had to hold down a regular job like CFL fans have to or like Jon Cornish and many players who play football and the game they love and hold a job working in the off-season!!!

Hank the Crank sat age 41 should have a bounty on him just to keep him moving never mind anything else!!!

This… Without the need rage!

Just kidding BC. But I am a little curious why you Henry so much.

You know, for a guy who is so annoyed by "whining"...

Burris is one of my fav CFL players/personalities but for him to say Simoni Lawrence should be banned from the game is a huge overreaction to a perfectly legal hit.

Lawrence's response is pretty funny though...

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost
#Ticats LB @Simoni_Lawrence on #Redblacks @HenryBurris complaining about the hit. “He’s 40 years old acting like a ho.? #CFL

Henry and the RB were horrid last year.
I for one and many agreed he was done and the team needed to go in a different direction bringing in a new pivot.
The team did restructure his contract for 15.