Is there a bigger "pantload" than Adriano Belli

Did you see him mocking Dinwiddie when he completed a long pass downfield?

Good riddance Adriano - we don't need your kind around here.

I don't know what Belli said, deisel27,
but it is sure sweet to know that
Belli isn't going to THE BIG Show.

Actions speak louder than words.

Dinwiddie got the last laugh.


Trash talking is very much
a part of today's game.

I am very much against it.

I am glad the players are penalized
for in-your-face verbal taunts,

Why assume the worst? Maybe Belli said something like, "Way to go guy, that should get your confidence up, you can do it, remember it's just a game," etc.

Belli was just plain embarassing to the cfl in that game!They show him at the side lines bragging how he was going the smear his blood on the other players to disrespect them! Got in the other teams face loud mouthing them even after missing a tackle!Took stupid flags and just proved why he no longer plays for us!What he did was just good for them"the bombers"Making them want to shut up belli which they did!Toronto lost thanks to because of Bigmouth Belli!


YES!!!!! really really YES!!!!

I saw that, and had to rewind it with the PVR.

What a idiot move by Belli.

I thought his mic'd up segment was hilarious though, when he held up on Glenn:

"Almost eh?... That was close, huh little buddy?"

The guy can play as we all know but is just one of those guys you want to see fail when he plays your team with his big trap.

Love him or hate him, the Cats were not able to replace his presence on the D-line. And he helped to anchor the Argos D-line. My feeling is that the Cats' coaches and GM gave up on him too quickly. You can't coach talent but you can affect his behaviour like taking dumb penalties.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ya, that was howls. That's why I wanted to hear what he was saying to Dinwiddie. Chances are it was less jovial though.

Oh here it is: another "Bash the ex-Ticat" thread... :roll:

Well said Barney. The two weakest positions on this team...D-Line and WR...where all the cuts were made.

You can coach a player to Greatness If he has Skill and Some Tallent.
But You can't Coach Class and Honor .

Belli Should Stick to Hocking Meat..

In two or three seasons with the Ticats, Belli only had a few sacks a year. Not good enough. And the stupid penalties on top of that? Plus, his huge salary? Bye bye!

He has always been a guy with great size and potential who has never dominated like he is supposed to.

Let's not forget that Roger Dunbrack, another Canadian boy cut from the same cloth as Mike Philbrick, did an admirable job on the D-line once our coaches gave him a long-overdue chance. I like Adriano as a person and a "character", but I think he cost us more than he gave us.

Belli made too many penalties when in critical situations. As to onknights comments, how many snaps have you taken from center smart@$$ !!!

The Fact Remains Belli has no Class Nor do you Sir.
Enjoy the Grey Cup.

Belli is not a big thinker...His tendency to get penalties at the worst possible time show him to be both undisciplined and selfish.... Don't see why any team would want this clown...