Is there 1 player that you just NEVER will forgive?

O'Shea and Jesse Lumsden

Details are foggy ... but I seem to recall a Jeff Braswell ending Mike Kerrigan's season with a dirty hit sometime in the late 80s. This is when we were still Grey Cup contenders, so it actually mattered. I think Braswell had a reputation as a dirty player.

Also Pat Stoqua - Ottawa receiver who must have ran the 40 in 6.5 seconds, but nevertheless managed to outrun our entire defence for 100+ yards after a simple out pass, to beat us in the 1981 eastern final. 5-11 team goes to the Cup instead of the 11-4-1 team (and probably did a much better job against the Esks than we would have).

Why Lumsden?I thought he did pretty good when he was healthy.

Wow you go WAY back.
I can remember George Brancato coached teams when I was pre-teen making the playoffs with 4-5 wins and beating us at home to go to either the Eastern finals or Grey Cup.
Skip Walker (never heard of him before he beat the daylights out of us) ran absolutely W-I-L-D.

Kinda like Doug Brown spouting off about how Hamilton is a terrible city and how much he hates it here for no reason other than he had to take a cold shower?


Casey Printers for stuffing his face full off ribs at Rib Fest the day before the Labour Day Classic and pretending to be talking on his cell phone so he wouldn't have to talk to fans coming up to shake his hand... And yes I did actually see it.

Brandon Dyson, the poster boy for 'intent to injure' and the only player I've seen in my life who had a highlite real run on TSN of dirty hits.

Did he ever.

I was at that game. . . everyone in the stadium knew Skip Walker was getting the ball, including the Hamilton defence, but they just couldn't stop the guy.

Now that someone reminded me, I'd have to vote for AJ Gass. His helmet hit to McManus's chin to knock him out and then to be seen on the sidelines laughing about it and making the fist to chin motion at the same time. Pure intent to injure with absolutely no remorse.

At the time, I would have loved it if someone had of taken him out with a low shot to his knees.

Rob Hitchcock and his hit on Tyree Davis of the Als. Davis was unconscious before he hit the turf. Then Hitch pointing at his own eyes to show the Als that he was made of steel.

My sentaments about Printers = E= for his effort as a Tiger Cat. he gets the turd medal in my book lmao

That's just playing the game.

Jesse Lumsden did all he could(and i'm sure still does) - he's great.

The O'Shea thing was a pretty memorable upset.Printers? He's just a clown.

Another worth mentioning is Craig "dont hit me" Yeast LMAO.

Anthony Calvillo :x

For the three years he couldn't do anything here, leaving for Montreal and becoming one of the greatest of all-time. Yes, this is pure jealousy. His failures did land us Danny Mac, so maybe I should forgive him.

For pure , it's either O'Shea or Belli. O'Shea for being the first "traitor" I remember, and Belli for simply being an .

MIke O.......I mean O'Shea........NEVER EVER forgive...and almost puked when they brought him back, and he took off again.....Wolf in sheeps clothing I guess.

Sounds like your excreetionly angry :lol:

It’s fun to boo opposition, whoever they are, but there are no players that I’m holding a grudge against. It’s just not worth it and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what happens in football.

Do yourself a favor everyone and let go of your anger. You’ll live longer.

For me it's Belli. Not really because he left the Cats but just for the kind of guy he is. I am glad he left the Hammer. He really isn't that gifted of an athlete at all and is able to cheat his way through games. He does that crap on almost every play but only gets caught 1-2 times a game. I think he would be better suited as a WWE wrestler.

Biggest scum bag in the CFL bar none. I would even go as far as saying Belli is worse than Mike Kelly.

That Hitchcock hit might have been one of the hardest hits I have ever personally witnessed.You could see it coming almost like it was in slow motion.And it sounded like a gun going off!!!What I remember about it most was on the 5th quarter driving home after the game...Russ Jackson making the point that he did'nt really want to talk about it,and he felt it was'nt the type of tackle "we want to see in pro football"????I thought Jackson was a total hypocrit for saying that when he played in a much tougher era where things like head slaps and crackback blocks were legal...

The Stoqua thing... :twisted:

I also remember,and won't forgive that stupid referee calling Gerald Bess for interference in the 1982 Eastern Final,and costing us the game against Toronto..And Bess was'nt even on the field!!!

I also remember the Eastern Semi against Ottawa at Lansdowne,I I believe it Rufus Crawford's first year('78?) where Zack Henderson got called for an unnecessary roughness call late in the game and allowed Gerry Organ to kick the game winner... :twisted:

Rufus Crawford Played through 1985 then moved to LA to start a movie (well mostly TV Shows) career. watch for him in the boondock saints 2

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