Is there 1 player that you just NEVER will forgive?

Is there 1 player that you just NEVER will forgive for something they did with just ONE play?

It can be an opponent and a dirty hit, it could be a home player with a key penalty, dropped pass, fumble.
Is there a player that just the site of him brings back a bad memory?

Personally I will never forgive or forget Ex-Cat reciever DJ Flick doing his best Pigskin Pete rubbing it in after a TD reception. I used to be a big fan, but that changed it for me.

I also had the love/hate going on with Mike O'Shea that no longer swayed after the Cats traded Eric Lapointe and Orlando Steinhaur to get him back in town and he turned around and signed with the Argo's that off season.

I will never forgive Maas for being such a terd here.He looks like a with ears if you ask me.

I didn't know Eric Lapointe and Orlando Steinhauer were involved in the O'Shea thing.

#23, The Rock...Rocky Dipietro....throwback receiver....

You just have to get over it black&gold. It wasn't done to mock the fans, the team or the chant, it was done to tell the GM and others who sent him packing that he still had some talent even if they didn't appreciate him. And of all places to the team that won the Cup that same year!!

Rob Hitchcock And andrew grigg.... Drove from sault saint marie in a blizzard to play witht he cats in a charity hockey game in memory of my nephew Rob said after he wouldnt have even thought about driving in the storm if it wasnt for that game. that to me pretty much sums up the classy guy he was on And off the feild.
Number 2 is Joe Hagins for the catch against montreal in the eastern final that pretty much won us the game.

Great story but I think you need to re-read the thread title.

My eyes are playing tricks...thought the word was forget..not forgive....:slight_smile:

I think of two players in the not so distant past that were very much cry babies and hurt the Cats overall for their performance on the field of play Casey Printers for one and Jason Maas the other, you would think that life owed these two players a starting QB job and lots of money, unfortunately for Ti-Cat management at the time we signed them and got stuck with the way both of these bums played, I think our current third string QB Adam Tafralis can easily out gun both of them put together and I'm sure Quinton Porter has thrown more TD's as a Ti-Cat than Casey Printers did when he was a Cat.

The big thing was that both of these players were given great support by the fans until they started playing like crap on the field but remember both of these guys were making big bucks as Ti-Cat QB's and certainly made more enemies in Hamilton than fans for sure.

I know this is the wrong team's forum to say this, but this is where the topic is...

Angelo Mosca's hit on Willie Fleming in GC '63.

Now I duck and run...

Don't know why people hate Jason Maas, so much. It's not like he didn't try, he just didn't work out here. Casey Printers on the other hand....

Jason Maas played his heart out for the team , he had health problems but he still went out and tried as hard as he could . I like him and if healthy would of made his mark here .

Mike Oshea for Going to Try on with NFL lions t
After he was cut by The lions Signing with Argos..

We trade for him get him back and then when he a FA he Returns to the big Smoke.

Can't stand Oshea

Mike O'Shea. I can't even think about him without getting angry.

Other than that? Mark McLoughlin for kicking the winning field goal in the '98 Grey Cup.

Doug Brown for being a toolbox.

Angelo Mosca hit on Willie Fleming: Looked like a dirty hit by the replay and thus he did receive an earfull from Joe Kapp also at the end of the play on the sidelines. But the following year in 1964; not only did the Lions play in the Grey Cup, they went east to get the Grey Cup against those same Tiger-Cats and won just like bubblin crude :rockin:

wrong fan forum but davis sanchez... cant stand the guy, he's cheap shotted several players in the past including milt stegall aswell as players from other teams. cant stand "dirty" sanchez. the guys hated in wpg i know that for a fact. aswell as richard kharikari or whatever his name was, saying he's gonna sign with the bombers but then signing with another team.. not that it was a big loss just dont like when they say yup im signing with this team then they go and sign with another team.

ticat players i cant stand are whoever rocked the boat at canad inns last year. i know u guys probably thought it was funny but to me it showed a lack of class really and just ignorance.

I liked the boat thing at first but thinking about it later I agree with you.And now the thought of them wanting to do it again is even worse.That's probably the only celebration I dislike.IMO Bruce does just the right amount of celebrating.Does his pose, slaps a million high five's, says somethin or does somethin funny to the camera, sometimes bust's out the spidey or Obama mask :smiley:

Nic"ole" Lewis for his cheap shot that ended the career of Kelly Wiltshire

You should thank Karikari, he's the worst db this team has had in the last 20 years.

OShea and AJ Gass