Is the Whole Organization in Shock?

Is it just me missing something, but does it seem unusual that there has been no follow up from the Ticat organization? No “Thankyou For Your Support”, even the website is lean.

Their twitter and Facebook have posted a thank you picture of the fans, posted on the main site.

The Instagram feed had been busy. I chalk the rest of it up to it being a travel day.

I phoned about my tickets last week, and the recorded message was that they were away in Calgary until tomorrow, Tuesday.

I guess they thought they would be celebrating in town…

Serves 'em right for being so confident and positive. In your face, HTC.

  1. What day is the parade anyway ??

We’re beginning to sound like the leafs now :smiley: :smiley: ::slight_smile:

Funny! But I think we would have to wait another 32 years of no cups to match the Leafs…

In all fairness Leafs play in a 31 team league and Cats in a 9 team league.
Hoping to get a cup before the birth of the Atlantic Schooners.

Oh, when did they do beyond 6 teams? ;D
I must have dozed off in 1967 after celebrating the centennial…