Is the time right to make a trade?

Just throwing it out there. Sask is a pretty desperate team right now, is there anybody on their defense that we could trade for and if so...who do we give up?

On another note, I'm liking the Bruce trade less and less in that we gave BC a pretty good receiver and I feel we should have at least obtained a starter in exchange. I can't recall exactly what we got for him other than draft picks.

So with that in mind, I'd like to see us get a starter from Sask if we made a trade. Someone who could come in and hit the ground running.

The Bruce trade was a fantastic move, got rid of a guy with a massive ego and salary who was literally doing nothing for weeks, and in turn that leaves us cap room to fix our secondary.Plus, we have nothing but great WR's right now, the problem is at QB, OL, DT, and DB.

the problem is at QB, OL, DT, and DB.
is that all? :(

Yeah that's about it :smiley:
Oh sorry I forgot HC, OC

that's better.
Although you may have missed DC and QC :smiley:

Well we've got Milt Collins and expect him to make a difference at safety, and Shivers to make a difference in Thomas' spot at HB.

Keep in mind, unlike the other sports leagues, football trades are rare especially during the season. I doubt TSN will have a 'Trade Central' desk going tomorrow.

I'm glad AB3 has enjoyed some success in BC, but let's be honest, it's not overwhelming. Further, we don't know what was going on behind the scenes. Logically, a guy with that much talent shouldn't get traded ever - yet that's not the case with Arland. Perhaps he tried to dominate a rookie OC and lost the power play.

I'm not saying trading Bruce was the wrong thing to do. Just perhaps it would have been nice to get someone who could help this team THIS season. A starter for a starter...say Ryan Phillip.

So with the old saying, better is better, should the Cats consider trading from whatever depth they have to get someone from Sask who could help this team this season. The Sask defense played pretty solid yesterday against the Esks. Perhaps their safety Butler would do nicely in Black and Gold. So again, who would you trade to get someone like him.

And yes...we did make a trade to acquire Collins...but look where he is now. Unfortunately he won't be able to help the team just yet.

It seems people unhappy with a trade usually assume the GM pulling the trigger ignored better offers.

Well, there you go. Maurice Mann for Dee Webb (DB) and a conditional 2013 draft pick.

Holy crap!!!

I thought about a possible trade but not with the Argos. Though they too are quite desperate to get better. I don't know anything of this Dee Web but Mann hasn't exactly lit the house on fire so I hope this helps our D.

My gut feeling is that this is a mistake. :frowning:

I know Mo Mann hasn’t been lighting it up lately but he hasn’t had many balls thrown his way. Is there an attitude problem? Pure speculation on my part but I know he wanted to have more opportunities earlier this year before he cut his foot.

VERY thin on receiver experience now!

I think with Hinds and Collins healthy we could have had a steady backfield. And yet another new face will have to make a difference in the patchwork secondary.

Good trade. Mann can now tweet his frustrations with Cory Boyd.