Is the time now for Mr. Braley

With the new TV contract coming into effect and the cfl teams gaining in value becasue of it , is it time for Braley to sell one of his teams? He has been/is a great ambassator/owner for the league ,--- he has owned the Ti-Cats , and of course still owns the Lions and Argo's , he has also lost a ton of money over the years , but in the last few years has probably done well with two GC's and two successful western finals and the lions doing well.
With another GC looming in 2014 in Vancouver and the new tv deal , I am thinking it may be time to unload the Lions to local owners if such a thing exists.
He rebuilt the Lions into a money maker , with the stadium issues looming in the near future in Toronto I just feel his full attention may be needed to address this situation . He is not getting any younger (70ish?) so it may be quite satisfying for him, as he has such a great passion for the game, to put the Argo's on stable ground for years to come . A legacy if you will .

cohon said on the drive that parties are coming out of the woodworks to acquire start franchises... I think this deal will take the league to another level. I have to pinch myself, never figured I would see the day... but its awesome.

I believe he wishes to own the Lions long term. He is in the Argos because he stepped up. He looks to be trying some things to get the TO market on the upswing. I can't think of a better time for such a strong owner to be in the TO market. He looks to have some goals in the market for strengthening the team and league...I say let a proven owner continue with his thing for a few years.

Hold onto it for a few years or until the right owner comes along. I am confident he has little to no interest in dumping it for a quick buck...he wants the right owner.

I believe he should be in the HOF automatically and there should be some sort of extra honoring of him as well...statue, HOF game renaming...something. He has truly went above and beyond for this league.

Oh...and what stadium issues in TO? I thought they just came to terms with it or not, that makes it home for a while.

do you mean interested parties for both to acquire AND start up a new franchise?

To answer your stadium issue question .........Beaston stated publicly yesterday Rogers Centre will be installing grass in the next 3-4 years and the Argo's have been put on notice that when that happens they are gone.

Ah...hadn't heard that, thanks. So guess that means no NFL huh?

It sucks not knowing what is happening a few years down the road, but whatever venue the end up in will likely be better for them than RC.

If I am the more RC for Grey Cup...ever...losing a team's home over grass selection.

IIRC, aside from installing grass, Rogers also previously stated that the interior structure/stands would be reconfigured specific to a baseball standard field as well, which will likely spell the end of Toronto as a regular Grey Cup host in the future.

a shame.

Mr. Braley is 71. The league should enter him to the HOF now. Give it to him now while he's healthy and can enjoy the moment.


couldn't agree more. Hell, I wouldn't even wait until the normal inductee time. July 4th, Toronto at BC. Do a special induction. That would be so classy.

Rogers is basically screwed, they only have one team to flog, unlike TSN with 8-9 teams. They can't get a new baseball specific stadium in the city as the Jays have lost money more years than not lately so they have to make the bowl outdated crap thing they own as baseball specific as they can. And Beeston still doesn't even know for sure if grass can get done, he's just blowing off to the media like they actually know what they are doing, what really I don't think they have a clue. I get that and that is good for the CFL. In the long run Toronto looks stupid not being able to have an excellent football stadium but that isn't Rogers problem, the Jays are Rogers problem and they have to figure out what to do with them, they are spending on salaries big time and they need a payoff. The Bills games are just a bit of an add on to try and compete with Bell.

But there is so much talk in Buffalo with the new stadium lease and new stadium talks long term, well, Rogers is gambling but they have the money to gamble of course with peoples cable and wireless and content monies. The new talk is a Niagara Falls stadium for the Bills to make it easier for Canadians to go there. That spells the end of any NFL team in Toronto if that should happen. Rogers is spinning their wheels.

[i]The final possibility may be the wild card. The new stadium could be built in Downtown Niagara Falls, where there's also plenty of inexpensive land.

REPORTER: Why would Niagara Falls makes sense?
FISHER: Adjacency to Canada. Ease of access for Canadians. Everybody in Western New York knows how to get there, and, frankly, if you're the State of New York and want to send the message that Niagara Falls is the brand new, refreshed better, four-season entertainment zone, what could be better than having your major entertainment for the region, your iconic entertainment for the region, located there.

The site of the current stadium in Orchard Park was not among any of the possibilities we have heard.[/i]

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Braley has turned down a nuMber of offers to purchase the Lions. The lions have made money over the last 6 or 7 years, so he is in no Rush to sell them, plus he needs to ensure the next owners are fully committed to BC and the CFL. Rumour has it, that he turned down a 18 million dollar offer cause he did not feel the group was fully committedn to the CFL and it had a number of Americans in their group. That was 4 years ago. Right now I don't think there is a real buyer for Argos, but that will Change with the TV deal and perhaps a new stadium

A funny thing happened on the way to bailing out the BC Lions in January 1997; David Braley fell in love with the team. He frequently travels here for home games and goes on the odd road trip as well (outside of the golden horseshoe). He's as invested in this community as an absentee owner can be, and has offered Wally Buono a lifetime contract. He's committed to this franchise.

It has gotten to the point where he could sell but he doesn't want to sell - at least not yet. There's talk now the franchise could be worth as much as $25MM. As the previous poster noted, he's had offers in the past. Serious offers? No one really knows (Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini was rumoured to be interested 2 years ago). But it's going to take more than just a wad of cash to get him to relinquish ownership of the BC Lions. They're going to have to be fans too.

That's how I understood it. He mentioned it on Dave Naylor's "Drive". Its in the video section of TSN's site if you want to go check it out. :thup:

He's 71. That's not that old anymore. A little strange that one person owns 2 teams but he's the guy that stepped up when no one else would; obviously he believes in the product. I'm sure when he feels the time is right - and I'll sure as h**l trust his judgement - he'll sell one or the other. The man's proved himself, IMHO.

I wonder if that is why Cohon was talking more optimistically about Quebec City at the State of the League address at last year's Grey Cup. He would have a good idea of what to expect from what was then upcoming television contract negotiations, and could convey that information to any interested parties in Quebec City and elsewhere.
Incidentally, Cohon will be delivering a lecture at Mount Allison University's Brunton Auditorium on March 26. The topic of the lecture is Business Turnaround: Lessons in Business Innovation from the CFL.

How long is the extension of the Bills in Toronto series? Does that mean the Bills will be playing in a stadium with a baseball-only configuration?

A game per year for the next 5 was recently approved, so 2017

Braley could have sold the Lions a long time ago if he chose to. In fact, ultimately when he sells the team, it is widely accepted the Lions' sale will be for a record setting amount. I think the fact the Lions are hosting the Grey Cup in 2014 makes it even less likely that he sells the Lions before then. Toronto? Who knows.

The Priority for Braley and the CFL in the sale is not getting it done quickly but making sure the right owner gets in place, there is still a lot of work to do with Toronto including a new stadium around the corner.

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in 2015-2017 Toronto is forced to hit the road for a season like Hamilton is doing this year, where they go is a huge question mark, they could try to stay nearby in Varsity or they could be going to Moncton, London or Waterloo(haha Heck maybe Guelph version 2.0).

But Hamilton should be a good blue print for a new stadium for TO, the question will be where, do they stay in the same area of TO, or move North, East or West. Might be ideal to figure out where their core fan base is from and try to work with that.

Somewhere reasonably central and on the subway line. Varsity Stadium would be ideal if a 30,000 seater could be made to fit there.