Is the Ticat forum slow for anyone else?

I have noticed over the past month or two that this Ticat forum loads very slowly compared to the other CFL forums and CFL Talk on this site.

My internet is 150Mbit, so I know that isn’t the issue.

Anyone else?

Thought you were talking about the posters.

Imagine if the following happens tomorrow?

  • we lose
  • Masoli throws 4 ints
  • Jones dropped 6 balls
  • Liram goes 0-3 FGs
  • Ellingson gets 250 yds receiving
  • Sinkfield is a healthy scratch
  • June Jones goes with the veer
  • Chapman signs a 9 year deal with the AAFL
  • Cats announce they’re bidding on the 2031 Grey Cup

Place won’t be slow anymore…

Post Of The Year finalist.

Hot damn, that’s funny.

So I’m asking for help with this site loading slowly, and all I get are totally unrelated posts?


I’ll mention it to the other mods.

But seriously - that other post has got to be the odds on favourite for post of the year!

It’s got my vote…absolutely hilarious ??

FIFY :slight_smile:

Seems okay for me, but then I rarely check the other forums as most posts, excepting maybe Montreal, seem to be very old and out of date.

Hey Forum WAKE UP.

Stop dreaming about cheerleaders and favorable Command Centre decisions. ;D

unfortunately this place will be slower than ever if all that happens.

LMAO…That’s hilarious…

On the somewhat serious side, re. #7…I’ve often wondered why teams don’t run, or at least incorporate some of, The Veer into their offences in the CFL? Usually, teams run that type of offence IF you have a QB that’s not a great thrower but is a very good athlete. The usual complain is that you’ll get your QB killed. That may be true in the NFL where you have a constricted field and huge outside LB’s. It should be noted that some NCAA teams run a version of The Veer ( Georgia Tech, Navy, etc.). However, in the CFL, with outside LB’s being essentially blown up DB’s ( owing to the nature of the 3 down game and the preponderance of passing), and the width of the field, I suspect it might be effective!!! Imagine Jeremiah Masoli running to the field side with Brandon banks running along side waiting to take a pitch matched up with some smallish DB’s trying to figure out who’s getting the ball?

LOL Palmer… Montreal forum was dead as a door nail before Johnny Football… still not that many posters but one side is CFL veterans who hate Johnny, the owner, the GM, the HC, and pretty much everything about the team… they claim to be fans :slight_smile: We don’t call those people fans in Seahawk country no matter how many season tickets they bought.

The other side are JF supporters
Who are hoping he keeps improving. I’m looking forward to seeing the Als play Hamilton the last game. I don’t expect the Als to win but am looking for significant improvement.

If the Cats win today I would put my money on you guys making it to the Grey Cup.

Hope you are right SeaFiddle, the big question is do we have to play two play-off games or one to get there!

Might come down to us needing to beat those Alouettes, and Johnny, in November while cheering for the Argos (shudder) to beat Ottawa to close out the season.

Aw come on CFF. You have been around this board long enough to expect the silly answer to come… and probably come first.

The lack of uptake on the issue itself suggests few problems by others and most of us are not techies.

Hope you get it figured out. You neex to be fast on the uptake around here sometimes. ?

I’m all for a good bit of fun, but I was really just looking for help with how ungodly slow this forum loads most of the time lately. Sometimes it’s snappy, but mostly like thick molasses in the winter.

In the spirit of humour… I have a couple jokes to share:

-A skeleton walks into a bar, and orders a beer and a mop.

-What did the duck say to the bartender? Put it on my bill.

-A blind man walks into a bar… and a table… and a chair… and another person…

How’s that?

Those are good ones…

By the way…

It’s getting busy…