Is the season a write-off yet? 25% off?

Should we be writing the season off yet?

If we beat Tor / Wpg / Tor in the next 3 weeks, we'll be 4-5 and at the worst be tied with Tor in second place.

I personally don't think that this is realistic and August hasn't been good to us the last 2 years with just 1 win.

The way the West is playing, even getting a head of a terrible Wpg team doesn't guarantee us a playoff spot. Wpgs slow start is surprising to me.

With our pass rush and offensive offensive line, we are going to get only a couple more wins this year.

If you listened to the 5th qtr on Thursday nite, Ted Michaels said what I have been saying for the past 3 years, how do we still start Jon'ta Woodard at left tackle? He gets beat on most plays, holds like it's nobodies business, causes our QBs to drop like flies and is always good for a penalty or too. He's too big and slow to play left tackle.

Next, Nautyn M-L is the worst DE I have ever seen in my life. A DE is supposed to rush from the outside. Watch him closely on Thursday, he always starts outside and does this stupid spin move inside right into their tackle. Absolutely no press from him. You also see him get blocked really easy and most of the time he ends up on his back. His sacks last year were all coverage sacks. This year his sacks are the exact same. He is not getting a true pass rush like Montford or Grover used to get. I think it's time to let him go and move Cavka to the left side.

What else is there to say? The management told us that whoever we take out of camp will be on our team. 5 cuts in the last 2 weeks makes liars out of them and disbelievers out of us.

I watch Belli with Tor, and I know he takes dumb penalties, and he is just a force in the middle. No one can run up the middle on him and they only rush 3. To think we had this guy! I think now that I can put up with his penalties if he produces.

Bring Dunbrack back! I know this may sound crazy but if you look at the last 5 games of last year, no body ran up the middle on us cuz Roger was such a force in the middle.

If we can't get a pass rush with 4 people, then why even bother. Just rush 3 guys and drop one back in coverage because the good Lord above knows we need it, desperately.

We need to rush more man to man coverage with our safeties playing deeper. We are playing too much zone and getting beat by veteran receivers. I see Glasper up on plays all the time. I think we should put him back to lineback like he played last year before he got hurt. We have been beat deep too many times and he likes to pinch and make hits. Play a 3-4 D and use him as the extra linebacker.

I am just a truly frustrated fan right now. Very PO'd with the team. After the Tor game there was so much optimism. I guess each year we have that one dominating win in the first half of the season that everyone thinks will turn the tables (Wpg in 06, Wpg in 07, Tor in 08) and it never does.

I honestly don't know what to say anymore. I love going to games and will always support them, but I see why there are only 20,000 fans at the games. I switched sections because of the new ticket pricing and I see that all the people who sat near me last year have either moved or gave up their seats and the area is now totally empty.

But hey, look on the brightside, at least I get to save 25% off my tickets next year!

Twelve games left, we're only two games back from five other teams in the league. Lot's of time to get it together.

cmon we all know its not going to happen with the people we have calling the plays and making the lineup. This team has already shown signs of accepting a loss.

I don't know what team you've been watching ... IMO THIS team DOESN'T give up ... they keep on fighting until the final whistle.

Now LAST year's team did seem to give up ... sometimes in Q2 ... but definitely not this year's team. They WANT to win ...

re: tiger dirt

First off, you NEVER write off the season until you're mathematically out of playoff contention. This is a professional football team, so they should act like professionals and try to win every single game they play.

Jonta Woodard hasn't been the same since he tried out for the NFL. I don't know what happened to him down there but he hasn't been the same since he got back.

NML is definitely not the worst DE ever. Heck, we already cut the guy on the opposite side of him (Keith). And his sacks are not always coverage sacks. Last year he clearly brought good pressure off the edge. The reason you're so down on him is because you (and many others) have such high expectations of him, and that comes with the big free agent contract he signed.

As for Roger Dunbrack, if he's so good how come he's not playing for ANY team in the CFL right now? If he was that good someone would have scooped him up.

Finally, I don't want 25% off my season tickets next year. I want a playoff team!

Ether way we can't go wrong ..

like i said in another thread, lets take this one game at a time, at the one game is thursday against Toronto, and that a must win

25% off but ticket prices are going up 30% next year.

I haven’t given up on the season yet, providing Bob Obilovich doesn’t stand pat on his current talent; particularly his offensive line.

He needs immediate changes or he can kiss this season off too!

Perhaps because every other team already has someone better or at least an equivalent.

As you can see, I never wrote the Cats off yet! It was a simple question. I don't want to be negative towards you or take any of your enthusiam away from you but we are going nowhere fast.

This team does play harder and to the whistle but the scoreboard doesn't show it. Our offensive can't move the ball and our defense is stuck on the field for 35 minutes a game. The last 2 games our defense played well in the first half, then fell apart in the second due to the fact that our O had a couple 2 and outs combined with long, sustained drives by the other team.

This team is not the mid 80s team that started off 1-5/6 and went to the Grey Cup. Those teams had a pass rush in the name of Walker and Covington.

We have nothing. NML is a joke. Our d-line is a joke. Keith and Dickerson couldn't get the job done and neither can he.

I don't want my 25% off either! I want them to make the playoffs and I want them to be successful. If we don't win the next 2 games, Charlie is fired immediately and a new coach is brought in (maybe even Obie) and work with the team for 2 weeks before labour day.

We are going nowhere fast. Our guys may play hard but it still has only produced 1 win in 6 games. Maybe we need a jerk who no one likes on our team to turn the ship around.

I don't think the Cats will offer the playoff guarantee next year and I see whole sale changes coming again and another long, losing season.


I don't think the Cats will offer the playoff guarantee next year and I see whole sale changes coming again and another long, losing season.
8) If we fire everybody again and start over again from scratch, your prediction will be 100% right !!!! :roll:

I guess the season is a write-off if you want it to be. Mathematically they are not out so there is always a chance at the playoffs. Thats why they play the games. Anything can happen.

I don't think the season is a write-off yet but I also have zero confidence that they will be able to turn it around.

Yes they have shown significant improvement over last year however on a game-to-game basis they look like they are regressing. To me this suggests that the coaching staff is not preparing the team well enough. There is no other explanation as to why the team plays great against Toronto and Sask and then horribly against Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal. Professional football players do not become bad football players in a matter of a week or two.

"25% off but ticket prices are going up 30% next year"

and where did this info come from????

Somebody is pulling your leg, 76". :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

I dont understand how you can say NML is a joke, he is the only DL that the OL pay attention too. Did you not read the article on the CFL website that said he was the number DL next to fred perry? That was written by EX- CFL player who knows his stuff.

I think half of the Ticats fan on this site want to Ticats to fail just so they have something to gossip about. I will make a prediction right now that NML will finish the season in the top 5 in sacks. Zeke will be top 3 in tackles. And the Ticats will win the labor day battle and make the playoffs.

NML was the number 2 DL in that article

think half of the Ticats fan on this site want to Ticats to fail just so they have something to gossip about. I will make a prediction right now that NML will finish the season in the top 5 in sacks. Zeke will be top 3 in tackles. And the Ticats will win the labor day battle and make the playoffs.
8) You are so right in your first half of comments, and I hope you are also right in your predictions !!!! :wink: