Is the Salary Cap too Low?

I beleive that the present salary cap should be at least 400,000 more per year. Why should we be trading our MOP Grey Cup Winning QB in order to make the salary cap. Kerry deserved to regain the salary he gave up last year. Reggie Hunt and Fred Perry are other fan favourites who are victims of the salary cap. With the cap it seems we have to give up the veterans who would like to spend their career here but can't because they are too good.

I believe that salary cap is too low, but I think it should be at 4.5 instead of 4.2 million.

We'd have to see numbers first before we could pull numbers out of thin air...

As an Argo's fan who was delighted to see, and drunk with your fans might I add, your team win the Cup, I think it sucks that you have to make a cost cutting move like that. Hard to believe that trading the MVP after winning the cup was a needed move to make.

In the next year or two the others teams are all going to have similar problems because they frontloaded contracts with bonuses.

That or they are doing some sketchy financial work hiding them. But I'd bet we'll see other teams stuck in tight financial situations that call for them to release or trade star players.

I hope the league governors look at the state of the league and assess whether the SMS can be raised to 5 Mill? IF teams are not making money at 4.02 Mil, than 5 Mill would be too high. If EVERY team made money at 4.02 Mill, then raising the cap might be beneficial for the teams and the league.

It depends on the league as a whole. The riders made $10 mill in profits last year (so I hear) So it sucks we can't use it on the Roster. But I doubt Hamilton made any money. So we shouldn't be complaining given the Riders' financial history.

Atleast we can use the money to fix up Taylor Field. Whoops Mosaic Stadium.

you cannot raise a Salary cap without knowing that every team will be able to make a profit and be solid financially..