Is the Rogers Centre the worst football stadium?

The place, man it's horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible and good on anyone for showing up in that disaster of a football stadium.

Yikes! It's brutal for how it looks, obviously built for baseball in mind but even then I've heard from baseball purists it's bad.

Ok, we're stuck with it for the 100th Grey Cup but man, both the CFL and MLB in Toronto deserve not just way better but completely waaaaaaaaay better.

Glad I wasn't the architect that designed that mistake but he made lots of dough I'm sure. :roll:

heh heh, a ticat fan dissing the toronto stadium....too funny :lol:

There's two things I don't understand:

  1. Why there are so many empty seats down low.

  2. Why they put banners over, and block off, the seats right behind the benches. I can't imagine that they think it looks better to show a banner than to see fans in seats! Move people down, and get them close to the action!

maybe they dont want to let those toronto rowdies to get to close to the players :wink:

But the team doesn't stink this year! They wouldn't throw beer cans at their own team, would they? :smiley:

EDIT: I noticed that they had all of those banners up for the Bills/Colts game too.

This is a guess, but I think it’s because of the sightlines. Some of those seats are so low that they are like viewing from the sidelines, which, in my opinion, isn’t a good view for football games. You might even have teams standing in the way of the game. But I agree, having those banners sure does look bad…

I never noticed, too busy watching the game.

Sightlines are too low to see the action on the field. The skydump is the worst venue I've ever witnessed a football game in!

I can't comment on the stadium as I've never been, but does anyone else think the grass has looked a little rough the last few weeks? :expressionless:

For sure, those seats are so low angled and at the wrong angle for football it's an embarasment to the architect.

It looks like one of my grade nine creative arts sculpture clay disasters. :stuck_out_tongue:

No wonder the NFL and Goodell says Toronto has "stadium issues". :lol:

i actually like the dome.
in '05, when the place was packed late in the season and the dome closed, it had as much atmosphere as any place in the CFL.

Probably not when there’s 35 000 people or when it’s pouring rain like it can at the ex.
Those times, I’m sure people like SkyDome.

Not as bad as last season when they used to leave the bases as dirt patches in the middle of the field - even when the Blue Jays were out of town, and there was no need for a baseball configuration.

Even though I am a multi years season ticket holder, agree with you earl how the dome is the worst stadium around.
The seats are horrible and especially in the 100 section where I am seated as the angle is so bad it's almost like sitting in a beach recliner.

aka - argotom

I`m going to come out in defence - to a small degree - of the stadium formerly known as Skydome. I enjoyed sitting in that place last night. I agree that the sight lines are crap but with the roof open on a great night to be sitting outside with the condos and CN Tower looming over head and with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd, I found it to be an enjoyable game experience. Just wished the game itself matched the atmosphere. I like walking out after a game into the heart of downtown where it is alive and electric with things going on and places to go. Certainly beats walking out into a crowed parking lot, rushing to get to your car - trying not to get run over - just so you can wait a hour to get out of the lot and into the grid lock of Toronto traffic. It may not be the best football stadium, but it is the best we are going to have for a very long time, so I would recommend trying to find reasons to like it.

I've been to the Skydome several times for football. I really think that its shortcomings have less to do with design, per se, as it has to do with how many fans are in it and the enthusiasm of them. I have sat in the endzone of the Skydome and it is the same kind of too far away feeling as sitting in the endzone in McGill or Taylor Field. But if there were fans around me who were into it in either case, it was pretty good. When there wasn't, it was a bit ordinary.

And I have sat in the middle of Skydome where - same thing - if completely surrounded by fanatical fans, it's great! When fewer or boring fans, it's ho-hum.

Bottom line: get over 35k who are there for a good time and its perceived shortcomings go away.

At $600 million and that was 20 odd years ago ,Toronto got what Ontario payed for, A MLB/ CFL stadium with a Hotel and a world first retractable roof!!.
Earl makes the point about the No Fun League , But it was not built for an NFL field.
The lower level seating is very good for baseball while the upper decks provide a good Hockey arena style of over view.
The Sky dome was the winning bid put to tender and there were other bids that had higher seating capacity,
Paul Godfry was on the selection comity i believe and he was all about the roof and MLB. But overall the site lines were a major improvement from from the baseball addition of exhibition stadium.
Sitting in luxury seats in the prestige section is bad?
Makes one wonder what all the fuss is about in Hamilton over a paltry $100 million stadidum :roll:

The Skydome is great. And it will last forever.

To those posts complaining...


off topic...

Wow at 24,493 attendance at the rogers center last night...

That is uncharacteristically high.

Well last night was my first game at Rodgers Centre. I've seen CFL games in 6 stadiums, (only Edmonton, BC and Winnipeg left out), and Rodgers is by far the worst. We had silver seats on the 100 level, and although my back appreciated the seat the angle of vision isn't right. The 200 level might be better, but there I'd need binoculars if not a telescope.
As for the fans, I know T.O. has some knowledgable and passionate fans, but they may be lost in that cavern. Folks who sat near me were not in the game; talkin anything but football and robotically cheering on cue from the stadium annoucer for all of 5 seconds. They need to travel to Montreal, Regina or Hamilton for a course on 'How to be the 13th man". So on the negative side: poor fan participation, poor sight lines, and what's with the scoreboard being so low. On the possitive: comfy seats, better concession food, incredible view of the big red&blue phalic symbol.