Is the Rey Williams experiment ever going to end?

TSN has pointed out on numerous times how he has been out of position and confused on what to do.

Time to let him go.

Did he play, he looked invisible out there. This guy is useless. He does not even know how to play an angle.

i agree totally it look like he was guessing what to do when cornish scored the touchdown he jumped originally to the wrong side maybe he is left sided as thats where he was leaning all game

Typical Hamilton BS. The Fans and Annoucers see what's going on, 6 games before the Coaches.

That play was funny because he ran into his own player and Kevin Eiben stepped up to the line and did his job.

i dunno but he is 3rd in the CFL in tackling it may be more of his pass defense which his overall problem is and in a passing league the MLB need to rule the middle of that filed on passes.

I Like Rey Williams as a person and he is very fast and a very hard hitter and frightening looking linebacker .
However , I have watched him very closely this year and he is being out smarted and he is guessing wrong thus left out of position all the time . We need a middle linebacker that will not bite at evey fake and not go with the wrong flow leaving the middle open ..He tends to blitz and them leave the middle open or cheat to one side leaving the middle open and he is always being the the plays trying to catch up to wheere he shoudl have been

Don't get me wrong this man is a beast and fan and strong and can knock anyone to the ground but this year in this defence he is always out of positon ..he plays lleik a supreme athlete learning football on the fly

I see us pursuing Elimimian in the off-season ... uncertain if we would have to sign him as a FA or trade for him?

BC doesn't need both he and Bighill ... it would be costly however if we had to trade for him.

A smart coach would convert Rey Williams to an outside linebacker. He's not very good at reading the plays and anticipation before the QB releases the ball. But he is excellent and downright ferocious at pursuing the ball carrier. A coach like Greg Marshall would recognize this and put him on the outside where Rey's instincts can take over.

+1. Well said. Problem is, moving him to WILL, you already have JJ there. I wouldn't expect them to do that.

8) You just stated Williams problem....he is downright ferocious at PURSUING the ball carrier !!
   He is usually out of position, and is not in the middle to stuff the hole and stop the up the middle run, so he ends up 
   pursuing the ball carrier from behind !!  That's why he has so many tackles.....because they are mostly 10-15 yds.
   downfield, after the ball carrier has gone by him.

    Actually, he is not big enough to play the pure middle linebacker position !!

+1. Agree 100%. A lot of good insight being contributed on the board today.

That just brings us back full circle. The reason the ball carrier has gone by him is because he doesn't read and anticipate well. He is more of a reactive player to what's transpiring. That's an additional talent that not everybody can possess. I believe it has been discussed before that Knowlton is a similar type player. I don't think Jamall Johnson would be suited for the MLB position either. This team essentially has 3 outside linebackers. We need to find somebody like Sherritt for the middle. Maybe the Cats can work something out with BC for either Bighill or Eliminian since we gave them Bruce for virtually nothing.

3-4 defence.
DE Peach
DT T.Davis
DE Peguese

OLB Rey Williams
ILB Jamall Johnson
ILB Solomon Elimimian
OLB Markeith Knowlton

Just a suggestion :lol:

Some where in the master plan, Ike Brown may have been penciled in at middle linebacker. The only problem is Ike is injured more than he has played. The new guy Harrison played fairly well last game and perhaps they can make a switch with Williams. Then again this is the same coaching staff who sat Knowlton as a healthy scratch. This may be another case of Creehan or Cortez not judging their talent correctly. Hopefully Cortez will look at the game film and realize Ray is not suited as middle linebacker and a change will be made for the best.

Now there's a solution. :thup: You should submit your resume to Obie to become the new DC. :lol:

Elimimian will be a free agent at season end and will still most likely get an offer to an NFL training camp but the position that he plays MLB is a tough one for a guy to break into a roster with as there is only one MLB with most teams using the 4-3 D. With the DLine rotation and pass rusher DE and OLB being rotated there are a lot more jobs out there and that is where you see most of the CFL players going to the NFL play hose positions. Now that he is a free agent he will have a good chance at getting signed to a futres NFL contract in the Winter for winter workouts. a Move to the Outside may benefit him. He still comes to the NFL with a bargain price tag at the rookie min 390K and has had 2 full seasons as a pro and has been to an NFL training camp. The second time around the offers will come from teams that he may fit into next season.

Ike has a ton of talent, but he hasn't been able to stay healthy the last two years, and that's playing special teams. He would be playing twice as many snaps on defense. I like Harris, but he seems a little undersized for a middle linebacker (213 lbs).

Maybe Alex Joseph is the answer? I know they were high on him in training camp. He played one game on special teams (I think it was the one in Saskatchewan) and has been on the injured list ever since.

I agree that Judging the talent is often the issue. If Hamilton would have relized what everyone else appears to be seeing they would have been able to get the jump on Lobendahn, before the Riders got him, to at least be a temporary solution to a bigh problem. As Solomon Elimimian found out their are a lot of quality MLBs out there but only one per team as a starter and one back up. He tried the NFL came back and his replacement is a top candidate for D MOP. So they are out there you just have to find them. There is even quite a few qulity Canadians at that position some in back up roles at the present time. Yurichuk in BC has gotten nothing but rave reviews from the BC staff that he could start for other teams. Brouilette in Montreal also has been deemd to have starting potential by the Als staff as this is his third season since moving to that position in the pros from a University QB. He may be a free agent and being an NI they could also be searching out an import for that position.

Elimimian has already stated that he will give the NFL another try -- it is the reason he hasn't signed an extension with the Lions -- so he wouldn't be available for the Cats until September at the earliest. That means he'd be all but useless next year (aside from Stevie Baggs in 2010, I can't think of one player who returned from an NFL tryout and produced in that season). With Bighill stepping up, I could see BC not pursuing Elimimian if he doesn't make an NFL team in 2013, but I don't know if Hamilton will have the money to sign him. Upgrading the defense will (or at least should) be a major focus this off-season, but I think we'll see Rey Williams once again manning the middle. I wouldn't be stunned if he wasn't back, but I'd be slightly surprised. He's looked at as a team leader and there isn't really anyone who could take over from him that would be an upgrade.