Is the Reason so many are Retirings Drug Testing??

We had alot of Retirements This month.
I am starting to think it has to do with the New CBA and Drug Testing ..
Are Young Players Hanging it up due to the Drug Testing ?

No. It is perfectly normal to have numerous retirements during training camp. Training camp is hell, and it is normal for players to make this decision rather than complete training camp. I was talking to Brian Crawford (from the blue team) last weekend at a fundraiser for ALS, and he said "I would be willing to bet that there will be more retirements during training camp than there will be for the remainder of the year."

This is a pretty serious thing to be saying. You're basically implying that the players who have retired are drug addicts. I know it's purely speculation on your part, but I'd tread lightly making an accusation like that. If it's anything more than just guys wanting to move on with their lives, I'd be surprised. If it is CBA related it would be a money issue before it'd be a drug issue, IMO. I highly doubt it's either. Let's face it, these guys can probably make more money working in the private sector. Until the CFL starts paying guys the type of money that makes having an off-season job unnecessary, we're going to continue to see these types of early retirements.

I don't know if it's anything to do with drug testing, no idea. But in terms of paying guys, as far as I'm concerned no professional sports league should be paying anyone to play a game more than the average CFL salary.

When a league generates BILLIONS of dollars in revenues, the players (who are the reason for such revenue) should be getting as big a piece of the pie as they can. If the CFL was a multi-billion dollar enterprise, the players would be making millions, and rightly so.

I don't think that they have it that bad,whats the average salary? $44,000? For about 6 months of work.Thats not too shabby.


"I know it's purely speculation on your part, but I'd tread lightly making an accusation like that."

I agree. This is a very small and easily identified group of people who are moving on to new careers or already have different careers under way. I'd be very careful about starting and spreading serious rumours which could be damaging to their futures. I would hazard a guess that this thread will have a short shelf life anyhow because of legal reasons.

I disagree. I see no accusation of drug use, only a question that has been raised in many other sports. Wow, some people have issues with understanding libel laws

Yes, questions have been raised in other, perhaps every, sport.

But the lead entry in this discussion specifies a small, distinct group of players.
I'm sure there was no intent to stigmatize these few players, but the fact remains that it is an ill-advised accusation.

Agreed I asked a Question :Is the Reason so many are Retiring Drug Testing??

I am sure the Majority of our players in the CFL Clean
There still a Reason to due Drug Testing.
to make sure they Stay clean

It's not bad at all.But being a proffesional athlete tends not to be a long term carreer, so I think it comes down 2 money and future prospects.

I see no accusation period. Large group or small there is no accusation. Wow. Its actually a question worth exploring on a league level if the numbers are significantly different than in the past

Not sure if the league has stats or reasons to believe performance enhancing drugs is a wide spread problem. I am sure there is use just like any professional or amateur sport. For 1 I am not sure on the type of testing they will be employing, but I for one don't think it will be one that is overly difficult to beat as olympic style testing is very exspensive to use. Are they testing in the offseason as well. The CFL offseason is long enough that most players could very well be clean by the time camp or the season starts. Lastly I am not sure how others feel but cost of PED is fairly exspensive and the little money made in the CFL do the players even consider it worth it. I can see a guy who was cut by the NFL being told he needs to get bigger giving it a go, but 95% of these guys have no shot at the NFL. I suspect in this league PED isn't a big problem as the multi million dollar sports.

I also disagree with Earl on the salary portion. All these players are one hit away from being crippled for the rest of their life. Their job maybe only 6 months but really its an all year thing. Guys still need to eat, follow specific diets and being a pro athlete its much more costly then for say you or I. The cost of quality trainers comes into play as well. Most guys likely do not go into the weight room anymore and throw weights around. Most pro athletes can't have an offseason job anymore as fitness has become so much more important then in the past. Gone are the days of training camp be the time to guys get into shape. Now you must come into camp in shape and pretty much game shape. You may think they are over paid but if the money didn't go into their pockets it would be going into the ownerships pocket and the leagues. I can see why when camp breaks why guys call it quits and retire. The desire to mentally and physically endure camp at a $40,000 salary and for others to stay on the PR at poverty wages is surely the major reason guys hang em up at this time of year.

Also, until they start paying big money were gonna keep seeing enjoyable football from players eager to prove something to themselves and scouts and not just playing for a 12th luxury car and 3rd house.

This is not about libel laws. The OP asked if young players were retiring because of drug testing, that draws the inevitable link to, “are they drug addicts?” That’s a heavy thing to say with absolutely no proof to back it up. It’s the same strategy that Glenn Beck uses when he accuses people of stuff, then he says, “I’m just asking questions.” There was nothing illegal about what the OP asked, but maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to ask.

If its not libel he doesn't need to be careful. Sorry it may or may not be fair comment but he didn't make any accusations that you are suggesting he did