Is the problem on offense the Line or the Receivers

All along I have thought it was the Line, however, after watching tonights game, I am beginning to think it is the receivers. Most teams can make something happen in 3 seconds, 4 tops. Printers was getting 3-4 seconds most of the time and was getting sacked. This leaves me to believe that the receivers are not getting open. I recall a GM this year saying that good receivers are a dime a dozen, as he was holding a fire sale. Any guesses who this was? First correct answer will win tickets to the next home game.

Lets face it …Qbing is not an issue nor was it for most of this season…could it have been better…I don’t know but our O-Line and “receiving” core needs LOTS of work. They do not know how to play as a team period.

So for the official record, can we ALL agree that Jason Maas was not the problem?

No, I can't go that far. I think Printers brings more to the table. QB was not the only problem, but it's the cornerstone. And besides, your going to bash Printers after 1 game with a handlful of days practice(a quarter of the playbook), without the support of your top running back/offensive weapon and receiver?