Well we have two stories, one from the reliable Perry Lefko and the other from Marty York.
Either way, it appears something is in the works for the Pinner.
I hope he stays as forever he will be Mr. Argo.

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Every organisation needs a breath of fresh air and new ideas once in a while. If he does go just hope he takes his two moldy sandwich with him (Mohns and Rita).

Yes I agree how Rita and Mohns should go, but not Pinner the face of the franchise.

He was a great player, a great coach and a special person but maybe he’s not a president. Unfortunately it looks like Rita and Mohns may get to stay and the man who kept saying yes to the money men to keep their investment afloat is gonna move on pushed or running…

Just thought I’d throw in another link. This one to the Globe & Mails’ Dave Naylor article on Pinball.

So it would appear that Pinball will remain an Argo but in some unknown capacity.
Which is good. I can’t imagine a Pinball-less Argo team.
He is, arguably, still one of the teams most marketable personalities.

I think a step in the direction direction for the Boatman. Pinner is smart and knows his football but is an emotional guy who might, just might, care a bit too much for every player on the team and get tied up a bit too much in their personal lives and situations to be the president or CEO of a pro sports team.

Wow, Pinner might be out, but Rita and Mohns keep their jobs? Not good, Argo fans, not good.

Pinball should stay.....Ship Mohns and Rita to Edmonton! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: