Is the new Governor General Mary Simon a CFL fan?

Understood . You basically answered my question with your own question . I also didn't mean you personally had an agenda , my apologies for that .

Basically if the truth be known I'm willing to wager that a very small percent of the Indigenous population actually were aware of or cared one iota about what the Edmonton team was named . On the other hand I'm sure there was also more of the majority then the minority that did happen to follow CFL football who probably embraced the name and saw no problem with it in the first place .

I agree. Honestly the previous name wasn't necessary an issue. The question was why that name stuck for so many years and why now.

As for the previous comments, no worries there. We all just want some CFL football without the (X)FL factor as a distraction.

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Cheers back :+1: :beers:

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gotta say, got me ??

I will explain later

Well if you want to see an example of that look to our military.
They recruit young people from all over Canada and most do not understand a word of French and most of the Quebecers that join the military can't speak a work of English. They have set up French only Army regiments, French only aircraft squadrons and French only ships. But a lot of times a French guy gets posted out west or to Ontario and has to learn English. They try not to post English guys to Quebec, but it does happen.

Only 18 percent of Canadians speak English and French . Most are found in Quebec and New Brunswick .

The Quebec Government wants even more anti English laws to protect French as it keeps dwindling in numbers .

I don't think it's fair we only look at 18 percent of the country for Supreme Court judges or the GG or even our leaders of the country .

We have created a problem for our country that excludes 82 percent of the population for important roles .

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Agreed! The fact that we haven't "forced" the G-G and Prime Minister to be at every Grey Cup is a major failing of the league. It should be culturally mandatory; I would expend league dollars on lobbying and PR to make it happen.

Why? ..........

Agree with your point but what do you do with guys like Chretien who declared he only watched the NFL .

(He sometimes spent Sunday afternoons at 24 Sussex watching NFL football with the sound turned down — replaced by a concerto playing on his stereo.)

All of these things are little building blocks towards the entirely artificial reason that every Prime Minister is asked what NHL team he's behind, and a step away from that is the subtle encouragement of every Canadian to themselves pick and back a NHL team. You get TV reporters asking random celebrities who they hope wins the Grey Cup, it tells Canadians watching that the Grey Cup matters and that they too should have a team to back.

If the CFL wants to be culturally relevant, it needs to do the hard, slow and mostly behind the scenes work to be that way.

It's a long climb up from where the league is today, but the goal would be that a politician hoping to keep being voted for would never dare say such a thing. It should be as horrifying a statement as him saying, "I don't care for the NHL, I like KHL style hockey only." Someone would break into 24 Sussex and assassinate him.


That is hardly forcing the PM and GG to be at every game

Ah yeah, sorry that I haven't laid out the 19-step plan for that in detail specifically so you'll be satisfied with it.

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I don't see how your sarcasm is necessary

Really?? You want to force politicians and leaders to follow the CFL? The last guy who openly loved the CFL was Rob Ford. I guess the last PM liked football. Just hated the hijab.

I find it weird to hear you say this Sully. CFL is not a cultural event in my mind.

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The Grey Cup is not a significant cultural event ?

What ???????

no not to me. its a football championship game. I love it. Going to a national indigenous pow wow is a cultural event for me.

I believe they are both cultural but one is inclusive and the other is exclusive .

For the pow wow ; Unless that is your culture you are an observer of someone else's experience and heritage that is part of the larger society of Canada . It is exclusive to their own but you are invited as a guest to witness but you cannot claim that as your own.

The Grey Cup is about the broader sense of culture of belonging to something that is unique to Canada but is inclusive to all Canadian's heritage Indigenous , immigrant , or one that has several generations within Canada .

each his own. i wont try to convince you at all.

Having a couple of cold ones and barbecuing up a fine prime rib steak on a warm summers night is a cultural event to me .

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