Is the new Governor General Mary Simon a CFL fan?

Bi lingual means two languages, right?

New Governor General Mary Simon can’t speak French. Not all of Canada is pleased (

well she speak English and Inuktitut. Works for me

what is really important is what CFL team does she cheer for.


Good grief, I think we can relax language expectations for the indigenous. It's good enough that she can speak Inuktitut.

I don't even care about bilingualism. Let them choose people who only speak French, Inuktitut, Dene, or Salish etc. We live in a world with voice over translators, let's use them and give up on this bilingual representation nonsense. The best person for the job doesn't get hired because they don't speak another language? There's an app for that.

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So both of you would be cool if the GG only spoke french?
The point is, the GG not speaking french is an insult to french Canadians. Imagine the uproar in the rest of Canada if the GG didn't speak english...

I don't think most English speaking Canadians would care if the GG only spoke French. English media would probably howl. But the position is not relevant to most.

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There are 70 indigenous languages in Canada. Her inability to speak English or French is no more an insult to the English and French than her inability to speak Mi'kmaq or Maliseet is an insult to the Mi'kmaq or Maliseet. Yet another example of how people get offended over nothing in today's society.

As I said in my last post, no, I don't care if government officials can't speak English, and no most Anglophones would not be offended by that. Already we have members of parliament speaking French only during debates. The media translates it into English. No one cares. It doesn't effect our lives negatively in any way.

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The GG is just ceremonial and out dated anyways . It's a political play toy .

If she or he only spoke French so be it .

It's a matter of time maybe after the queen passes that we will change . The queen carries a bridge for so many generations .

No way I feel the same way about Charles .

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Didn't we have a PM years ago (1993-2003), that could barely speak either official language. :thinking:
GG is ceremonial, I don't think the english part of Canada would be too upset. Some comments, but for most no surprise.

There was a online video that actually stated that in trying to remove Canada from Britain with the constitution patriated. The previous Trudeau may have locked Canada to Britain for good due unanimous support being required to change it.

What team she cheers for should be a question that needs to be asked.

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She would also have been offended by the previous name.

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You don't know that for sure . Not unless you know the woman personally or if you can prove she has officially gone on record and stated how her feelings would be about the name . If that's not the case then you're basically just making stuff up to suit your own agenda .

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You should.....The more languages you speak, the better off you will be

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Do you always make fun of people with a medical condition?
Look up Bell’s Palsy

Well seeing as though she is from Quebec, highly likely, if she is a football fan at all, she would be an Als fan.

She may or may not been offended by the previous edmonton team name. I am guessing she did not approve of it, if asked.

Well, I dont know about that. Except for one brief unpleasant foray through Quebec in 70s, I have done just fine with just the one language. Even when trying to communicate with people who didnt speak English. We got it done

Yeah, it can be a plus to speak more languages, but not a minus if you dont.

Depending on what province you live in of course

But you have no idea what you have missed by only speaking 1 I speak 3 and yes only speaking 1 is a minus

well, I have a neighbor whose father lives with him and is a really nice guy, but he is from south asia and doesnt speak english. It is a little disappointing not to be able to have a full conversation with him. However, we get by

So yes, I do have an idea what I am missing

Kudos to you for speaking 3 languages Ro, but what happens when you wish to converse with someone who doesnt speak any of the 3. Then you in the same boat as me :slight_smile:

I'm multilingual and I agree with you. I firmly believe that over half of the worlds beauty exists in another language and to only speak one is to miss out on a lot. Movies, music, books, art, etc. People who only speak one language don't know what they're missing.

However, you took what I said out of context. I meant that I don't care about government policies that enforce bilingualism for the sake of the illusion of representation. Government officials represent us through the actions they take, not the language they speak.

Well here is a little joke for our bilingual posters
Anyone who gets it, Post an LOL I will explain it later

There was a fellow from Quebec who went to work in construction in Ontario. He did not speak a word of English and he was partnered up with a guy who did not speak a word of French, but they made it work.
They would use hand signals and draw pictures to get the other to understand, Until one day the French fellow needed a nail. He tried everything to get the Ontario guy to understand! Hand signals….drawings, pointing….nothing worked!
The guy from Ontario just didn’t have a clue

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You do realize I was defending the previous name when that whole controversial topic was happening.

I do not have an agenda here contrary to popular belief.

The question is of herself being a fan of football or not.