Is the league hiding its attendance numbers?

I can no longer find any numbers on attendance anywhere on this site. Teams no longer giving out attendance numbers. Anyone have site with CFL attendence?

Eventually the CFL may become a “studio league” so really numbers at games or at least paid numbers for full price tickets at games, may not even be an important issue.

I used to care about attendance myself but moreso don’t care about the figures in terms of enjoying the games as I watch all on cable television.

I wasn't a CFL employee when the design of the CFL schedule page was being discussed, but I suspect nobody involved in that process thought the attendance numbers needed to be that prominent. They prioritized making the game date/time, teams and scores prominent.

The attendance for a game is displayed if you hit the "down" arrow beside each game. Take a look at the bottom left corner for the attendance figure.

Attendance numbers are published/printed every game. Just look at the schedule and on top of each game you have the attendance numbers.

No hiding whatsoever.


Just click gametrackers and you have the attendances, summaries and statistics of all CFL games.



Attendance for the game Edmonton at Winnipeg was:30,554.


Thank you, It was a lot more convenient to get a big picture of attendance but I can open the individual pages.

Looking at it quickly, it is pretty obvious every team in the East is on a negative tangent. We were told 20 000 average is break even. It looks like Toronto will lose a lot of money, Montreal some money and the other two will still make a few bucks in spite of having lost some paying fans.
Out West it looks like all teams are making money, so things are pretty good with 7 of 9 teams making a profit, one hovering at break even and Toronto as a long term project.

Ottawa and Hamilton have not sold out their last 2 weeks. Hamilton is not a surprise as I predicted that this year. Ottawa is a bit of a surprise given they have just come off a Grey Cup victory.

Wikipedia . 2017 cfl season ( 2017 season by team )
htps:// 2017 season.
Click on schedule and it lists the attendance for all games.

Thank you

The question by the OP - “is the LEAGUE hiding attendance numbers” - if you go to stats or the game stats on TSN you will not find any attendance numbers. TSN only mentions attendance when there is a sell out.
Sites like, wkipedia are not official sites.
You are posting a TSN game stat sheet from years ago, the OP is talking about this year.

ro1313 posted a link to the BC-Sask game from last week…

I saw Brian Cooper a while back saying he thought 16,000 was close to the break even number for the Argos at BMO. A cut of the food, drink and parking makes a difference.

But what is the 16k break even price? you can’t make a blanket statement without an average price. If the Argos are selling thousands of tickets at $15 or $20 or giving away 2 for 1 to season ticket holders then 16k will never be a break even point.
At those prices I would think they would lose money at 26k
The average price of a ticket in Ottawa is around $80, that’s if you count the club seats, private suites, the field seats, the majority sold between $80 - $100 between the 30 yards lines up.
A 16k break even at $80 a ticket may be doable but then you hope that the 16,000 fans buy a lot of $11 beers and burgers.
The majority of fans at BMO take the train or TTC or park in Liberty Village or Ontario Place, therefore no parking revenue.
If you stock up on beer at the tailgate for $4 you aren’t going to be buying many $11 beer in the stadium.

TD place has 24,000 seats. Ottawa game versus Edmonton had 23,851 (99.4% of capacity) for attendance. Ottawa game versus Winnipeg had 23,725 (99.3%). That’s pretty damn close to a sell-out. But the way you put it, you would think that they were tons of empty seats. Most games are SRO with over 24K. You keep shoveling the negative spin on the CFL, but reality keeps biting you in the ass. Keep trollin’!
And that’s my LAST WORD! :smiley:

Great numbers except in the 3 largest markets...