is the Hamilton Vs Calgary game on tv??

i have lived in hamilton all my life and have been a long time Tiger Cat fan since i was young and I live in oshawa and when i cant make it to the games i listen to it on the radio. I cant get CHML very good out here but i turn it on at the CHML site on the internet and i do listen to the 5th quarter also.

I am going to be in hamilton for June 30th and the long weekend and i was wondering if the Hamilton Vs Calgary game at 10:00pm on the 30th will be on tv? At first i heard CBC will have it but thats not true..apparently it says RDS channel will have it...i have no idea what that is. MY parents in hamilton have Cogeco cable so im not sure if they even get that channel :frowning:


CBC mentioned during the Jays game yesterday that they were televising the game.

CBC has the game starting at 9 30 with the pregame

The schedule on this website (and is wrong.

Here's cbc's schedule:

thats weird that you got that becuase when i first went on the cbc site the other day...on saturday june 30th it was stating that finding nemo is going to be on that night and then some other show..but it wasnt the game..well thats good that its been changed...what a really looking forward to watching the game..i will probably be outside and having my portable tv oustide with me enjoying the long weekend and watching the game. it will be nice!

I thought every game will be on TSN this year?

That's next year.

CBC's website is pretty messed up right now.
If you click on their main TV schedule and then click on June 30th, the schedule it brings up is actually for June 16th. (If you right-click the program links and select "properties", you can check the URL of the links and see that startDate=2007/06/16 is in the link)

Interesting on the CBC site, you can definitely see a bias now agains't them promoting the CFL. The CFL isn't a feature on the right side of the page when you're in another sport and also it's the last sport mentioned on the main sports page. Probably has to do with TSN getting the full package starting next year.

Oh well, I doubt that many people really read the CBC web site anyways and, as we all know, what they really care about is HNIC anyways, everything else is filler for them.

It's sickening to realize a billion tax dollars annually go to broadcasting things like "Finding Nemo".

its too bad that CBC and TSN couldnt work more closer together. I like both channels and i think the CFL should work closely with the both of them. It will be much more enjoyable in the long run.

I personally wouldn't worry about CBC too much, but I would worry if a major sports network like TSN didn't want to carry any CFL games. Now that I would really worry about. The CBC wasn't willing to really go into competition with TSN for CFL games rights. Why? Because they really only care about HNIC. So they can basically go and climb a tree, at least now I won't feel guilty watching American programs on other stations which I have in the past often.

There's quite a discrepancy between the "Schedule" link at and the same page on According to our site, 6 out of 18 Ticat games are only available on RDS. I'm going to believe the CFL site, which shows CBC or TSN as broadcasting those same games.

Looks like fixed their schedule, because they were also those "RDS-only" games a few days ago instead of CBC.