Is the Grey Cup Canada's version of the Super Bowl?

Ok, I was just reading on the net another story about football coming from down south and the often used phrase about the Grey Cup as "Canada's version of the Super Bowl" was written.
My question is if the GC really is Canada's version of the SB or is it quite something different? My thinking is that in fact, it really isn't as such for the simple reason that the Grey Cup will be awarded to the highest level of football played in Canada, CFL or no CFL, universities have won it at one time as we know and when the GC started in 1909, the CFL was not in existence. It was originally mean't for the amateur rugby football champions of Canada. Whereas the SB is strictly a professional trophy for the champs of the NFL. So each has a very distinct history from each other and tradition.

I would say that they are very similiar. Lots of Canadians hold both GC and SB parties, with pools on the score, draw prizes and munchies. We usually have a GC week, if you are lucky enough to go to the game itself and partake in festivities that go along with the game.

I would say the Super Bowl is the USA's version of the Grey Cup......They Grey Cup has been around longer! :wink:


First off, the premise of the question is a bit flawed.

The Grey Cup is a championship trophy.

The Super Bowl is the name of the championship game of the NFL.

The team that wins the Super Bowl wins the Vince Lombardi trophy. And contrary to what the team, US media or NFL fans think, it does not make them "world champions," either.

The GC has been around since 1909

As Earl says, many teams- -- inc military, university, "junior" --- teams have competed and won it.

It is more of a cultural and social emblem of Canada and Canadians than SB.

Being more than a sports trophy is what makes the GC so unique and so far beyond what the SB or winning the lombardi trophy could ever mean.

Yes sobrien, I can see from what you say that the question is not totally accurate. I suppose the Grey Cup is both the name of the trophy and the affair surrounding it whereas, as you point out, in the US there is a separation of the trophy and the affair. Interesting distinction, never thought of it that way.

But are the Grey Cup champions not the world champions of Canadian football as the Super Bowl champions are the world champs of American football? Although I agree that the US media makes it sound as though the SB champions are the only North American football champions or gridiron champions.

But are the Grey Cup champions not the world champions of Canadian football as the Super Bowl champions are the world champs of American football? Although I agree that the US media makes it sound as though the SB champions are the only North American football champions or gridiron champions.
Yes. The GC winner is the world-champion of Canadian football, but it is probably not in the Canadian demeanor to claim to be "world champs". I would still put my money on the SB champs if they ever played head-to-head against the GC champs to settle this this World Championship issue once and for all...(unless they all play like Ricky Williams) :wink:

Let's be honest, the Super bowl winners are world champs because it's the highest level in the world. Gotta remember Canadian media makes Ricky out to be a superstar but he was just a 2nd stringer last year and didn't play the year before. He WAS a superstar

If thats the case favre, how come Ricky himself said that the CFL was equal talent wise?? Ricky , Onterrio Smith and Quincy Carter are finding out the HARD WAY, THAT THE CFL TALENT IS ON THE SAME LEVEL AS THE NFL TALENT!!!!

..if not at a higher level: bigger field, longer season, 3 downs instead of 4. Its a little more demanding than the game south of the 49th.

when you are describing it to a person that has never heard about it before, but has heard of the Super, you say that the Grey Cup is like the Super Bowl of the CFL to give them the idea, and since the Grey Cup is the trophy of the CFL now, that is somewhat true.

It's funny that the Grey Cup is more popular than the CFL itself, it's even been mentioned on Star Gate! :shock:

No, that's not why. It's because Americans have this tendency to declare anything of their champions or their cultural product to be the best in the world. It's ingrained in them. I'm not saying it's not necesasarily bad --- just that it's not always accurate or applicable.

Well, to paraphrase a line out of my book:

"Can you imagine the reaction if the 1936 Sarnia Imperials, 1989 Saskatchewan Roughriders or even the 1995 Baltimore Stallions delcared themselves "world champions" of football?"

If you want to call yourselves "world" champions, you better have teams other than just in the US.

It's NFL self-promotion and hype at its finest --- and part of the American mindset.

We Canadians are too modest to make any such assertion.

that's just American mentality, and it's sad and sucks.

I think you could say they're more or less equivalent.. either way it's the most common way to refer to the championship game from either league. As far as the "world champs" arguement.. that's just retarded. You can't be "world champs" unless you beat the world. The winner of the World Cup will be able to say they are "world champs".. the winner of the Superbowl at best could say they are North American champs.. since the very best players from here end up going there to play too.

And I know we could all point out lots of ex-NFLers who haven't been able to cut it here, but you can reverse that too - how about Dave Dickenson, Henry Burris, Ricky Ray.. all dominant CFLers who couldn't cut it in the NFL. Some people are just meant to play the game the Canadian way, and some are meant to play it the American way. Still.. the best players from the CFL go to the NFL, not the other way around. It doesn't make the CFL worse, the same as it doesn't make college football worse.. but you can't say the talent is as good or better here. It's not. And that's okay.

Yes , lets be honest. :thup:

The SUPERBOWL CHAMPS are the world champs of 4 down football , because they are the only country that plays PRO 4 down football in the world.

The GREY CUP winner is the WORLD CHAMPION of 3 down football. :thup:

The SUPER BOWL is an American only thing. Just like NASCAR is.

You want
REAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and REAL major league where countries play each other , see the WORLD CUP OF SOCCER , THE GOLD MEDAL for hockey and basketball in the OLYIMPICS , FORMULA 1 Racing , The World Championship of GOLF...ect...

Even the MLB "WORLD SERIES" is not a REAL world championship nor is THE STANLEY CUP , any more.

The SUPERBOWL doesn't even come close to any of those real world championships.

The GREY CUP is much better than the SUPERBOWL.

The SUPERBOWL is a very expensive CORPORATE party that is 1 day. The most exciting thing about it , is the betting , half time show and T.V. commercials.

The game is usually a boring turkey.

The GREY CUP , is a week long event for the fans who meet from all over Canada. It is affordible and the players some times are there with the fans.

Canada invented modern football and there was a GREY CUP , before there was a NFL.

So , the GREY CUP , has more history and more cultural meaning.

It also is usually a much more exciting game. :thup:

I still laugh when some people from the U.S. and even some U.S. commontaters still say

" did you relize that the world cup of soccer was actually bigger than the S.B.? " WELL DUH! You just figured that out? :roll: :lol:

I really don't want to join this argument, as my handle suggests I am a fan of both leagues, I was just wondering why you chose to mention the 3 GC champion teams that you did, while the Baltimore Team in 1995 seems pertinent to the argument being they where U.S, based, I was just wondering if the other 2 teams had anything inparticular about them that you chose to mention them, or if you just chose them at random?

But then they all have serious drug problems which is why they are playing in the CFL now and not the NFL. Everything is harder when you are stoned off your kiester.

Not so sad as passing rules to keep others out rather than letting merit decide who plays and who stays.

When the CFL no longer needs to keep the NFL castoffs from taking over their league by rule, then you can talk about how on par with the NFL you are. As it is, those not good enough to play in the NFL are better than those the CFL puts on the field because the rules keep them from playing even though they are better.

Deny it if you can.

Frankly as for me, I'll take an arrogant meritocracy over a bureaucratic mediocrity.