Is the game sold out? I can't get tickets from ticketmaster

I phoned ticket master, was put on hold for a while, finally got through and was told that they can no longer sell tickets for tonights game over the phone.

I then call the ticats box office, and I choose the option to buy single game tickets, and then I am forwarded back to ticketmaster, that is unable to sell me tickets for tonights game.


i doubt that its sold out because it wasnt even sold out last week and that was the home opener and its supposed to rain tonight and we have now been killed in 2 straight games

so i doubt that its sold out

but idk wat the problem is

I doubt it also, but I can't buy tickets, and I hate to deal with the scalpers.

To the best of my knowledge ticketbast@#$ canot sell tix the day of any game. You need to go to the stadium boxoffice.

If that is the case, then why is the ticats boxoffice forwarding me to ticketmaster?

And while I am on the subject of tickets, why do they charge a service fee when I buy tickets at the ticats store, or at the box office.

Do the scalpers charge a service fee as well?

The scalpers certainly do charge a service fee, its called their profit. I'd still check out the stadium box office first.

you can see good seats from scalpers for less than 20 ten mins before game if not there will only be 22 thou tnite minus the rain.

No, got a $66.00 ticket for $30.00 and there was no $3.00 service fee. :wink:

Bet ther was. He just didn't tell you he got the ticket for $25

He told me he gets the tickets from season ticket holders that can’t make the game.

I don’t know what his cut is.

I don't know either but scalpers are a blight that I will never deal with. They are bad for buisness and should not be patronized