Is the East "Weak"?

I keep hearing that the east is weak this year. The standings say otherwise

Edmonton .....7 Games..4 Wins... 3 Loses....2 of 3 loses have been against the East
Saskatchewan .8 Games..4 Wins...4 Loses...2 of 4 loses have been against the East
Calgary.........7 Games.. 3 Wins.. 4 Loses....2 of 4 loses have been against the East 1 of 3 wins VS East
BC.............. 8 Games..3 Wins.. 5 Loses....3 of 5 loses have been against the East 0 wins VS the East

Montreal........8 Games...7 Wins....1 Loses......4 of 7 wins have been against the West
Hamilton........7 Games...4 Wins... 3 Loses......3 of 4 wins have been against the West
Winnipeg.......8 Games...3 Wins....5 Loses......2 of 3 wins have been against the West
Toronto.........7 Games...2 Wins....5 Loses......0 Wins against the West

The West has 14 wins.....The East has 16.

Is the east "weak"?

The East is Weak. As good as Hamilton is playing, the East still belongs to Montreal. And Winnipeg and Toronto are still garbage teams. But Edmonton is finally playing well, and Calgary is showing signs of coming together, and while Saskatchewan is still playing inconsistently, they're still a dangerous team.

Take a closer look at those losses for the West. Edmonton's two losses to the East were against Montreal and Hamilton. Saskatchewan's two losses were against Montreal. Calgary's two losses were against Montreal and Winnipeg (which, really, was a fluke loss).

The only reason the East looks strong is because of Montreal.

Winnipeg is garbage, yet they still beat the west, twice! What does that say about the west?

Why is Winnipeg garbage at 3-5 but SSK is inconstant but dangerous at 4-4?

If Toronto is Garbage at 2-5, BC is at least trash at 3-5

If the east beats the west, its a fluke?

The reason the west is a log jam is because the are beating each other.....They are not beating the East

It can also be said that the East looks weak because of Montreal

I would say the East is still weaker.. put a good QB in Sask and BC and their records are quite different.. BC is only a shadow of the team they had last year... Hamilton would not have beaten BC if the Leos didn't lose players- Wake, Floyd, Logan, Williams, Clermont.. those are key players. It would be like taking Calvillo, Cahoon, Chiu, Stewart, Estelle and Sanchez from the Montreal lineup... how good would the Als be without them?

The only reason the East looks stronger is because there is more parity in the league this year overall.

If my Grandmother had wheels she would be a wagon!

Well if Toronto had a team, they would be stronger
Fact is,
BC and SSK dont have a QB
BC did lose players
Montreal didnt!

Im sorry but the argument that The West is stronger but they just dont have the players to play well, is well, a silly argument

It might be, but the its the truth.. simplistic as it may be, the only reason why there is parity is because of the talent level that has been lost by the Riders and Lions. Some of that talent has gone East, and some to the south of the border.

There's an inherent contradiction in your own argument. . . do you see it?

You say that putting a good QB in BC would change their record; then you list all the players that BC has lost (Wake, Floyd, Logan, etc etc. . .) but guess what? None of them are QBs.

So please be clear; why do you really think BC is struggling? Is it because they don't have a quality QB (your first point) or is it because of all the talent they lost at non-QB positions (your second point)?

If it's the latter, or a combination of the two, I can't see how inserting another, better QB would change things much.

Im not denying that....But the fact remains that a team or division is strong or weak because of its players.

You simply cant say that one division is stonger but they dont have the players to win.

But what you're describing is a natural football process that happens every year. Teams lose talent all the time. So really, as a justification, I don't think it means much. I actually think the East and West are on par with each other this season for the first time in a long time. Montreal and Hamilton can compete with anyone in the West, and while Toronto is a mess, so is B.C., whom Winnipeg flat-out gang-banged on Friday night. Winnipeg also beat Calgary. Hamilton has beaten Edmonton. Montreal has beaten Sask twice.

I'm not saying the east is better than the west, but based on the games thus far, they are as good IMO.

Come to think of it.......SSK And BC have the same QB's that they had last year.

When did I say B.C. is a good team, ro? I didn't. Take a look at my original post: No where did I mention B.C. Not once. :smiley:

You kind of lose the right to call yourself a good team when you give up 393 rushing yards. Winnipeg is still a garbage team because as good as the running game looks, they still haven't developed a passing game. As someone else mentioned in another topic, just because Bishop didn't throw a pick doesn't mean he played a good game. He played a mediocre game... at best.

Saskatchewan is dangerous because they have a history of playing well at home. Taylor Field is a tough place to win. And they have a nice team dynamic going, which other teams lack. This gives them an advantage. The Riders are unpredictable. This makes them dangerous.

The East is currently 9-7 against the West, but if you look, 7 of those wins are from Montreal (4) and Hamilton (3). And as I mentioned earlier, as good as Hamilton is playing, the East still belongs to Montreal. The West is still the more competitive and stronger division, and I'm sure the record will reflect that at the end of the season.

...only the power rankings are true....the truth lies in the power rankings.....All Hail the power rankings....

No you didnt but you argue that the west is stonger because Wpg is garbage, well if that is true then is is cancelled out by the fact that BC is garbage as well

Their 2-2 record at home says otherwise

And 2 from Wpg. What's your point? When the east wins, There are only 4 teams to choose from

OK, but what Western team cancels out Toronto? :lol:

Read it again. I highlighted the most important word for you. Last year they were 7-2 at home. The year before that 6-3. The year before that 6-3. Yes, they've stumbled a bit this season, but they're still a tough home team.

More specifically, the Turkeybend Power Rankings. :wink:

Yes but this thread is discussing this year. The past is completely irrelevant in this discussion

I'll give you that RO the East has become competitive again And I for one am thrilled maybe it wont be such a cakewalk for the ALS this year, and they will actually have to play hard for the whole season to stay #1 in the East. it would be nice to see Teams from the East make it to the Playoffs with a better record the 3 wins in a year. The league is better off for it.

Not really. Teams have seen the success the Riders have had at home. They know it's a hostile environment, and they have to prepare for that. Teams would be naive to take the Riders lightly in Regina just because they're 2-2 right now. :smiley:

The East is better than previous years but still the weaker overall conference. Montreal is the class of the league this year, and Hamilton is vastly improved. Winnipeg has a great defense but have looked average on their good days, Toronto is just bad again.

There's no clear cut team in the West that is head and shoulders above the rest like Montreal in the East, but overall I think there's 3 good teams in the West, and only 2 in the East.

I don't disagree with you RO, this week will be a big indicator, if Alberta sweeps it could tip my opinion slightly. Divisions are quite balanced. Toronto and B.C. are both non-factors at this time, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg are sitting on the bubble right now and each division sports 2 solid front runners. It is still early though and it looks more than ever this year that whichever team makes the best roster moves in the next couple of weeks could take it all. No team can afford to stand pat right now, the NFL cuts may be a huge factor.

Maybe you would like to back that up with something?