Is the East stronger than the West this year?

It's early, but could the East teams actually be stronger than their Western couterparts this year?

....starting to look that way...although it's still early in the season....Switch the schmoes to the east for T.O. and no contest :lol:

Absolutely. First time in a very, very long time the east can be considered the best division in the CFL. There were some very lean years with the Ti-Cats and Argos deciding to alternate in their shared futility. This year, it looks like Winnipeg, Montreal and Hamilton will all be in a dogfight and I wouldn't necessarily count out Toronto. But like you mentioned, it's still early. Even the weaker teams in the west can turn the ship around very quickly.

By my count East leads 6-4 so far.

i had made some coments in other threads that the east could finally get the crossover... its really possible i feel.

They are slightly better at this point in time. If Pierce goes down that immediately shifts back to the West though unless Brink becomes a star.

I think the east is stronger, but I don't think there will be a crossover. Toronto is becoming the team that we all thought they would be in 2010 (a pretty bad one). It's still early, but I just don't think Toronto will have a better record than both BC and Saskatchewan. The only way I see it happening is if Jyles comes in and really steps up. And I mean, come on.. BC has gotta win a game one of these days... right?

Don't count the Argos out just yet. I think last year's team over achieved a bit. But they played Friday Night without their starting QB, HB, 2 LBs, and with a horrible punter and still almost beat the West's top team. With the exception of the ALs game they have been close in every contest and have found ways to lose.

It would be strange, but it is possible.

All teams are tough this year and a team like BC is a huge surprise as is Winnipeg for different reasons.

Hard to dispute. Right now 3 of the top 4 teams are in the East, and I actually think Toronto scares me more than BC/Sask, right there with Calgary.
Toronto's going to have to start getting some wins if they're to cross over though....

Winnipeg shouldnt be a suprise.... we lost half of our games by less than 4 points last year.

Are you kidding me? Regardless of how many games they lost by a certain point total, they still lost 14 games last year. I thought Winnipeg would be better this year, but aside from the most homerific of fans, no one thought Winnipeg would be 4-1 and in sole possession of first place in the East after five weeks.

I would say overall, at this point, it is. While I am a Westerner, it is great to see for a change.

I'm with Depop...I think its good for the league. Especially in viewer-rich Ontario.

I don't think its a stretch to think we will see Calgary hosting Toronto or Hamilton in the West Semi

How soon they forget

These are the opening words of the TSN announcer...
2010 - Week 11 - Montreal Alouettes @ Hamilton TigerCats:

"At the end of this day, there could be a 3-way tie for 1st place in the in the East Division of the CFL. Hamilton will try to make it a 2-way deadlock for now...if they can finally find a way to solve the Montreal Alouettes."

Well...we all know what Adrian McPherson did to the Ticats hopes for parity on that day...but let's face it...almost 2/3 of the way through last season and folks were all a-twitter about how close the race in the East was going to be. And how did that work out?

So we're into Week 6 and it's the same old dreamy dreams.
Maybe the Als have finally been eclipsed
Maybe not
But let's try to get a little perspective...shall we?

So what should we do, say nothing until something actually happens? Where's the fun in that?

Besides, this has nothing to do with any race between Hamilton and Montreal. This has to do with whether or not the East is better than the West.

At this point in time, I'd say that it is. You have three strong teams in the East compared to one in the West (I'd say two, but Calgary is a bloody enigma right now that I can't figure out).

...yes, live in the past...that is great perspective...

I'm living in the past. As in last week Friday. Oh, the memories!

No no that’s cool
You know what they say,
“Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It”
Come the end of the season…and playoff time
It sounds like a good deal to me

The Als burst that pretty pink “parity baloon” in 2010
And I look forward to them doing it again this year
and cute little oski’s go “wee wee” all the way home