Is the comish fan friendly?

He should host a podcast once a week and answer questions from fans and talk about news from the commish's office. Would be cool. I think all teams should have a weekly podcast. I know Riders, stamps and argos have their own podcast put on by fans.

Great idea radio although it certainly would take a very special commish to do this and ground breaking one, I don't think there ever has been a commish who has done that sort of thing before. :?

Cohon usually does a State of the League address. Plus not too long ago he did that three part (I think it was 3) series where he answered a bunch of questions from fans.

Ya he comes across as a fan friendly comish in a fan friendly league, perfect fit. These podcasts require no money, just time.

Turns out it was a five part series... not exactly a podcast, but interesting nonetheless.

[url=] ... -questions[/url]

Thanks for the find.

This would be an awesome idea for a podcast or a vidcast.

he seems fan firendly, and it seems he really wants the league to succeed. not sure how pro expansion he really is... and he didnt really impress me when he wouldnt stand up for Canadian talent when brian williams at grey cup.

If Canadian talent is that good they why do we have to make excuses for them having to play? I say the best players should play no matter the nationale.

another post about taking the C out of the CFL... the canadian content rule is important, and be taken back up to the ten starters it was before american expansion joke. If the comish wants to truely win the hearts of Canadians, and seem fan friendly, thats what he needs to do.

It is played in Canada by the best players. Nex we should say there has to be at least 4 canadians on the ice at all times so we preserve our game. the best should be playing. Is that patriotic thing the only thing you have?

What's wrong with the quality of the play as it is now? Could you even tell the difference if the entire league was filled with high-priced non-Canadians? I doubt it.

If the league were filled with high-priced non-Canadians there would be even more fluctuation of the team rosters. One of the reason that Canadian born players are highly regarded and adored by fans is that they tend to stick with their teams for years. I'm sure Saskatchewan fans are delighted that they've resigned Fantuz. On the flip side, I doubt that many BC Lions fans are following the Miami Dolphins now that Cam Wake is on their team, I feel the Lions fan sentiment is "who cares, he isn't here anymore."

If the league doesnt have Canadian players, what's the point of having a Canadian league?

As a rule I dont favour quotas, but the Cdn players need a place to go and show their skills. Without the non-import (I hate that term) rules, the AMERICAN coaches would just have a bunch of guys from Tuscaloosa or Talahassee show up. They would play a year, get some highlight footage for their agents and be off to a NFL camp. It already happens enough.

This league is my favourtie because of the enertainment value provided. That entertainment is provided by AMERICANS who are the greatest football players and highly-skilled CANADIANS. The league needs Cdn players (and some US guys who stay here) that the fans can identify with.

This league is ours, not just to watch, we need Canadians in this league to play the game

we lose that this league will go down in smoke quick, we'll just be an NFL feeder, way worse then it is now

im glad that some people actually agree with me on this topic. if the comish lets them drop the ratio down, we need to linch him. perhaps this is a good thing about braily being in owndership in two cities. In a previous thread, it was stated the Argos were the ones really pushing to lower the ratio. i dont think braily has interest in that(i might be out to lunch, but i thought it was the owners that would vote/decide on something like that with the comish). take the Canadians out, and its a pointless league.