is the cfl sticking with last years ball?

just wonderind if we're going to go back to the old ball. i heard alot of complaining throughout last season from qb's about the new ball's threading causing the ball to drift.

sorry no links just what i heard on tsn/cbc and personally i saw both kerry joseph and ac have problems with drifting throws.

I've heard that they are changing the ball back to the "old" one from

argo GM, adam rita, basically confirmed this on PTS today.

Thats good drummer, I heard the Rules commitee was going to revisit the topic so maybe it will be true.

Next up, return to 2005 blocking rules!

they have already approved the '05 blocking rules.

argo prez, keith pelley, said this on PTS earlier this week.

That's excellent both about the ball and the blocking rules!

yes...we should have a season filled with excitement, just like '05.

altho, part of the excitment for me, in '05, was the renegades early push for a playoff spot. then watching them attempt to hang on to it late in the season, when they got in the slump.

i miss the gades!

This year should have more entertaining Special teams play!

Their not changing the blocking rules, their reverting back to the way the rule was called by the officials in '05. The rule stays the same.

The ball will have painted on stripes like in 05.

Both of these were confirmed by Tom Higgins.

I was just thinking that for the ball, if they really want the stripes but not the white ones as if they are painted the paint comes off easily and makes the ball look to worn, why not emblazen (right word?) the stripes the same dark colour as you see with the insignias used on the ball like the CFL symbol or commissioners signature. The NFL ball has these emblazened on them and the qb's don't complain. Maybe it's not paint but some sort of burned in type thing on the leather, I don't know.

Thanks friggin God they're going back to the old balls. Now maybe Calvillo will be able to throw a tight spiral again.

It's really not a big deal. Stop complaining about it.


that's like saying if the nhl changed the the puck it wouldn't be a big deal!!

you can play without pads/a helmet/shoes but you always need a football. the football is the most important peice of equipment on the field.

so to sum it all up for you...

yes it is a big deal arjoel, it will literally affect every single play in the game!!

And i noticed very little difference in the 2006 season versus the 2005 season besides the kicking game. So NO it's not a big deal.

They changed the ball back and people are still complaining about the revised ball. Time to let it go.

no one has anything to complain about yet, they haven't used the "revised ball".

imo, 2006 had alot of drifting passes from accurate qb's, and alot of huge over-throws from average qb's.

home games in sask with or without wind i noticed kj and visting qb's having trouble with over-throws. i also saw many plays on tv with the same result, but i can't really count those as i wasn't there to judge the affect of the wind on the pass.

but i guess if you didn't notice any difference arjoel, then the rest of us should just shut-up and wait to see what you feel is important enough to post about. :lol:

Perfect. Thanks for understanding.