Is the CFL second rate?

Is the CFL really second rate? Compared to what?

This is March and as we all know millions of Americans are going crazy over American collage basketball.
March Madness , as they call it.
Does American collage basketball have any NBA players in it? NO.
If fact , less than 1% of American collage basketball players make it to the NBA.
Do Americans not watch it because there are NO NBA players in it. Do they call it second rate?
NO. It gets millions of T.V. viewers and it makes a ton of money for U.S. / T.V. networks.

How about American collage football? Is it second rate because there are NO / NFL players in it?
In fact more Americans pay to see collage games than pro games in the U.S. every year even though less than 1% every make it to the NFL or CFL.

How about the NHL?

Most great Canadian born players want to play on American NHL teams. Does this mean that the NHL's Canadian teams are second rate? A Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley Cup since 1993.
Of all of the 4 so called major league sports leagues in North America HOCKEY has the biggest world profile , has a true world championship and more countries play hockey at a PRO level than any other of N.A.s major leagues.
AND YET , NHL players have the worst T.V. contract in the U.S. and the players are 4th [dead last] on the payment scale.
Just because Americans say / love something , doesn't it make it true.


Only 1 country in the whole wide world plays 4 down football. There is NO true world championship and sports like Hockey , basketball , Rugby , baseball , Cricket and Soccer have much larger world profiles.
If you want to talk about REAL MAJOR LEAGUE then we have to talk about the world's number 1 sport , by far , which is SOCCER. The NFL isn't even in the top 10 team sports in the world.
Is the NFL then second rate , world wide?

The CFL game , like the NFL , is a one country only game.
YES , the U.S. is a football player making machine , however , if you want to play PRO football there are only 2 places in the world to play in at a NFL / CFL level.

Most Canadians love the CFL because it is a working man's , ticket driven league supported by a population that is only 1 tenth the size of the U.S. CFL players are humble , mostly unspoiled people. The CFL is fan friendly.
The CFL also gives some of OUR collage players a place to play football adding more meaning to OUR collage football system.
In our country , to play collage sports you have to keep a 70% and above grade point average to play any sport. Canadians put education first , not sports.
We also love OUR rules which WE invented.

The CFL will have it's 100th GREY CUP and festival in TORONTO in 2012.
The CFL has more tradition than the NFL and a better championship festival than the NFL does.

Is the CFL second rate?


It is something to be proud of and it is 1 of Canada's only truly Canadian festivals that is only celebrated in Canada. :thup:

This thread did not need to be made. The CFL is whatever your opinion is of it. Some may say its not because its the only canadian league. Some may say Hockey is this country's number one sport, and point to the fact they get paid millions. Money matters to some. And you are Correct about the NFL. But it is only number one because of the baseball lockout of 1994 anyway. I remember when people only cared about 4 or 5 teams (Giants, Skins, Cowboys 49ers Bears Packers) and the other teams where fodder. It was not that long ago the only stars where Steve Young/Favre and Sanders. I don't think football in general is nearly as popular if not for the strike.

In defense of hockey, they have a 2 billion dollar TV contract and over 3 billion in rev. As a Wings fan I can tell you that your problem is not with the NFL thanks to Rogers. The CFL's real problem(which many fans from Canada tiptoe around) is that people in this country only like and watch hockey.

CFL football is the second most watched team sport in Canada every year.
The largest watched annual single day Canadian sporting event is the GREY CUP.
Again , the JAYS are third and the NFL is , 4th.
The RAPTORS are at the bottom.

In the U.S. , HOCKEY , is one of the least watched sports and is behind Golf , Basketball , Baseball and the NFL.
Even the MAJOR U.S. networks don't show every game of the Stanley Cup final.
They have a $2 billion contract with who and over how many years.? I remember when NHL games were only shown on the LIFE CHANNEL and ESPN 2.

The NFL is like NASCAR. It maybe be very popular in the U.S. , however world wide , every ones knows that the REAL MAJOR LEAGUE drivers , drive in , FORMULA 1. Those drivers are from all over the world , not just from the U.S.
The NFL is still a 1 country sport only.

the game itself is first rate, and its dumb to even question it

however, the league, as in those running things are definitely not 2nd rate, but 3rd rate.

Absolutely not !

The toronto maple laughs are !! :roll:

Tim Horton's donuts are second rate compared with many I've had at smaller specialty bakeries, but Tim's doesn't do that bad of a job selling their donuts. :wink:

I love our game of Canadian football with our rules and our history. Yes, I wish the CFL was the NFL in some ways especially the money the NFL earns from TV but all in all, we have something to be extremely proud of here in Canada, our very own pro sports league at the very high level whether people want to call it "2nd rate" "bush" "not the bigs" etc. At least we don't have to rely on American teams controlling our league and selling it. That's awesome. We are doing it without bringing in a New York or LA or Chicago etc.

Wait a second.

Rate a second?

Not for a minute.

Not to me.

I totally agree.

In America I feel that HOCKEY is very under valued , just like the CFL in Canada is very under valued by some Canadian businesses and by some people with low self esteem about their own culture.

The NFL is very over valued if you look at the rest of the worlds sports , like , HOCKEY & SOCCER.

The people who call the CFL second rate seem to have a lot of double standards.

Since there are only 2 places in the world to play football at a CFL and at a NFL level the so called talent gap between the NFL and CFL is not a large as some people think. The NFL has so many people to choose from , you make 1 mistake and you are cut. Every one can have 1 bad day so the NFL misses a lot of great players because of this and / or the politics of where you may be from [Canada]. There is only 1 other place to go play for the second most money in PRO football [the CFL]

I get really tired of seeing topics like this one. To only a few, very few judging by the kinds of attention the CFL gets, is the CFL considered second rate. And so what if it is? It's still quality football.

Asking this question as the title of your topic simply acknowledges those few who actually believe that if it's not NFL it's worthless. They aren't worthy of acknowledgement because their personal bias simply prevents them having an objective opinion, so why even ask the question?

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

...that's ten (10) 'thumbs up' in case anyone is 'thumbs up' dial doesn't go to 11

NHL is on NBC until 2021 for 2 billion dollars. The NHL is growing. Although with the lockout looming.

Exactly. It is what it is. You like the CFL, fine. You don't, Doesn't matter.It should not be a requirement to like it, It also should not be cool to incessantly bash it.

Most of you severely underrate how popular the league is anyways. You make it seem like CFL fans are few and far in between and that the league is some kind of underground society. Most sport fans in Canada are CFL fans anyways. Those who aren't, well it's their lost. Let's not understate the spotlight the CFL already gets. Yes, it's not the NHL...but it's not like those who bash the league are a significant group.

So I agree with all the posters in this thread whose response is effectively, "who cares"

In defence of those make it seem like that, it really does feel that way in parts of Ontario. This isn't to say that I haven't noticed other CFL fans around, but it can be hard to spot them compared to fans of teams from other leagues (to the extent that fandom can be measured by hats, bumper stickers, etc., anyway). The CFL has more fans than it looks like, though, as various studies have shown.

I wouldn't want this to get crazy though. Of course, I want to the league to be secure but when the numbers get to be too high, the ability to connect starts to erode, if you know what I mean.

I go to a lot of amateur games around here. I wish attendance and media coverage were better for high school, junior, etc. On the other hand, you hear stories about what a big production high school football is in the States and I'm not sure I'd trade places.

The whole point of my question was to point out that any one who says that the CFL is second rate is wrong.

As my first sentence asks ;

" Is the CFL second rate. Compared to what? "

All that I was trying to say is that the people who call the CFL second rate have double standards and some hypocritical comments in their arguments.

I was trying to show that there is nothing wrong with loving the CFL just for what it IS , as I do. :thup:

So , the next time some one writes that the CFL is second rate people can say

" wait a second that is not true "

Maybe my post was not clear but I hope that if you [other people] read the whole post all the way through they would see that I am strongly defending the CFL. :thup:

We are at a CFL friendly site so most people already know this but out in the rest of the web world SOME people [the bloggers , Canadian businesses , the media ect...] just don't seem to get it. :roll:


When you think about how many football leagues have come and gone, the CFL is still standing, that has to count for something.

Also you have to think when a team like the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS with Beckham and all of that plays in a 27,000 seater that is their home in what the MLS calls itself "major", CFL stadiums aren't doing too bad at all.

I totally agree. How old are the CATS & the ARGOS?

Not to mention the YATES CUP.

We are having our 100th GREY CUP. Much longer than the NFL.

In Southern Ontario we have so many things against us that is a miracle that the CFL is still around. :thup:

The CFL is the true DIE HARD League. That in itself is a reason to celebrate. :thup: