Is the CFL more concerned with being the 'views' police than DUIs?

Interesting topic to consider.

Christian Jones is no longer in the league for saying that marriage should be between a man and woman.

Jacob Ruby is out of the league over the Vaxx.

Yet Kenny Lawler can endanger people by driving drunk and gets a one game suspension?

Is the CFL more concerned with thought conformity than a guy who endangers people by driving drunk?


Good question.

I was enraged over the Christian Jones thing. It was total BS

Dont know enough details re Jacob Ruby.

One day suspension for DUI is insane and unacceptable.

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It’s a dangerous road to go down when an individuals opinion which doesn’t fit
certain narratives, can get him punished. That said, I don’t know the full story.
Team protocols may have been broken. Free speech, unless it incites violence,
must be protected no matter how unpopular.
It’s scary to think of a future where an ideologue decides what is and isn’t acceptable.

The vax aspect of your question, I’m too uninformed to help much.
Preventing the spread of covid should take top priority in all situations.

A one game suspension for drunk driving is way too lenient. Curious as to why that happened.


My understanding is it wasn't so much about the vaccine as about lying concerning his vaccination status.

Huh?! Is this true? What's the story there?


CFL didn't suspend him it was the team. He got into a single vehicle accident and charged DUI. He can do whatever he wants as he is now being treated like anyone else would.

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Yep it was a team suspension

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He ain’t the brightest bulb on the tree....

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That's true. A lot of us from older generations thought the same way. It's unacceptable but one is taught to believe that. The newer generations have taught many of us that homophobia and racism is unacceptable in any form.That's if our parents already didn't. That's a good thing. However, newer generations can also cool off and learn this thing called discussion and dialogue . Maybe giving one a second chance . That's all out the window now. We're a society of cancelling each other and nothing more. That's not what I call evolving.


There was nothing Homophobic about what Jones said. The team and the league way overreacted.


So is that a more serious offence than driving under the influence of alcohol?

Not even in the same league.

Christion Jones neither did nor said anything wrong. Not in the least.

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Absolutely nothing! A housecleaning is needed at the Elks' management level, badly.



Christion Jones said nothing even vaguely "homophobic" though. There's nothing homophobic about accepting the age old definition of marriage just as there's nothing homophobic about accepting the age old definition of say "son". I'm sure we could all quote examples of homophobia and what Jones said was in an entirely different league.

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The expression of thought and a innocuous statement of what he said is religous intolerance if it is /was based on that .

Now we trade with tons of countries who have real issues with homosexuality and have zero problems with much more graver consequences for the lgbqt community . Do they make sure none of their products are removed that benefit those who are not tolerant in much more serious harmful way to the lgbqt global community .

It's the leashing of a vendetta against not only a black minority on an issue but on a larger community within Canada has me extremely pissed at the Edmonton organization who are constantly trying to be something that they are not a virtue signalling football team that doesn't care about loyalty or they would have not allowed coaches to move about like Elizondo , Jones and Milanovich all disloyal to the Edmonton /Ottawa CFL family organization .

Get their frekain priorities straight before taking the stand against thought expression . People are not buying what they are selling .

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Did you read the quote?

Pretty much the definition of homophobia.

Now is it as serious as a DUI, no not in my mind. The differences are Jones was let go by the Elks not the league, and Lawler has not been found guilty. If convicted then I think a harsher punishment is warranted.


Yep that comment was 100% Homophobia and agree DUI is worse .


you have no idea what real homophobia is. Stating a belief that some is wrong (according to the religion you believe in) is not phobia.

if one states that believing in God and Jesus is stupid, are you guilty of attacking peoples religion and being Christaphobic? Should you be chastized for it?

Many years ago I created a thread on Homophobia and there was great, mostly civil, discussion that went on for humdreds of posts. To bad we can not have such conversations now and the topic seems to have totally disappeared.


It isn't really a fair comparison. If Christians were persecuted here in Canada just for being Christian, then this would be a fair comparison. This relates to the difference between equal vs. equitable.

I would think if someone on a CFL team were to say something that was simular to another marginalized group I would expect the same.

now you are talking about persecution. yes that is part of being phobic. No intent or expression of persecution in Jones remark. Just quoting from scripture. No more than saying that man should not steal or kill. No judgement, no hatred, no persecution