Is the CFL going over board with all the advertising

why not, most of the shows on tv today are total crap.

I am all ok with it as long as the ads keep the CFL healthy

What’s really sickening is some bozo got paid a lot of money to come up with that crap.

similar sentiments here CR.
The financial health of the CFL is extremely crucial in order to grow the game and infuse stability.

Without it, the league would be hard pressed to remain solvent in a world of exceeding sport choices.
The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB etc etc reached such financial heights and brand awareness by courting sponsors/advertisers/partners which is pertinent for contemporary pro leagues.

Relying solely on a gate driven revenue is not relevant in today’s fickle market and diverse loyalties.

I"m not a huge fan of ads on the field, but I do understand it's important for the CFL. I can live with it.

Just get rid of the nissan commercials ,they embarress the whole country.

That is what I’m hoping doesn’t happen in the CFL. Advertising generates revenue but is not always for the purpose of keeping a league in the black and financially healthy. It can also be highly exploitive where fans are being exposed to a bunch of peripheral nonsense that has nothing to do with the game. Advertising on TV I can understand. The networks are being paid by the sponsors. The television viewer is not paying anything to watch the game. When I pay to go and see a game live I don’t pay to see a bunch of advertising. That is what I mean by exploitive. Let’s imagine all of the CFL players showed up on the field with Wendy’s Baconator decals on the side of their helmets. Would that be going over board? The subliminal messaging is what is starting to irritate me. Every time I see a player, I also see Rona and Scotia Bank. Every time I listen to a play by play broadcast I’m reminded that it isn’t just another 1st down. It’s a “puralator” 1st down in the Chevrolet zone as the Lions are trying to keep the Wendy’s drive alive.

NO, the CFL, like some of the other sports leagues in Europe is just leading the way. 10 years from now it will be common place. When the NFL does it, they will then claim credit for it!!!

What he said.

how about making some higher quality commercials period.

"Baconator, Large Fries, Coke HUT HUT HUT!"... :roll:


they need to get way more creative..

at least it's not as bad as this one radio commercial in Edmonton.

"When the Eskimos Score a Touchdown Pilgrims Win!"

.. hahahaha

Ahhh… you think you don’t notice then LadnerLion. Hehehe… Trust me, your subconscious is picking them up and storing the images in your head the moment they appear. When a digitized panel advert is projected multiple times and simultaneously going all around the circumference of the stadium they got the job done. Anyone with their eyes open when those images race around the stadium at lightning speed process the images instantaneously. And that is enough for you to get the “message”.

That’s a fair point, but even if I subconsciously notice it, it doesn’t bother me at all.

And if it counts for anything, my bank account’s at CIBC and I prefer Home Depot :wink:

advertising has no affect on my mind. Sure, I might get info from it so I know where to get something, but no amount of subliminal messaging is going to make me buy coke instead of pepsi, or smoke a cigar when I hate smoking, or drive a nissan when I prefer ford, etc

One of the basic keys to advertising is price or maybe price per quality of product. Although I prefer Pepsi over Coke, I'll buy Coke if it's cheaper, just like beer, my regular beer I drink isn't my preferred one, but it's a lot cheaper than my preferred ones.

And you in the majority but do not underestimate the power of advertising FYB. If adverts were not persuasive there would be no advertising. Glad to see you’re a Pepsi drinker!

Modern sports revenue are generated by sponsors and big business and they pay well to have their name placed everywhere and anywhere. The days of revenue being frawn from the paid attendance are long gone. Once the TV age of sports began so did all the advertising. VFL sponsors know that every game will be shown Nationally in Canada on a major sports Network like TSN and they will pay the bucks to get their name on whatever they can.
it does not matter what the sport the boards in hockey are covered by advertisers and the wall in the outfield in basball the same. Soccer has had sponsors on their uniforms for some time now.
It is everywhere in pro and even college sports around the world. The CFL is smart to join the party finally

Advertising means revenue, and that's great, but does it have to be so bad?

Man even Carlo and dumb Tim Horton's ads and the annoying Wendy's ad about "99" for a bunch of stuff might edge out this year's crop.

The Nissan ad with lame fans is embarrassing for me even as an American. They should be ashamed of themselves. Please advise me, as there has to be a law against being so lame up there! We have way too much junk cultural crap down here, so I am cheering for you all up there to not have as much please!

The Wendy's ads are basic and no big deal, and it seems like a lot of dudes on here unlike me like the idea of that redhead and the Baconator. This is marketing genius no doubt. :lol:

The Sleeman's ads are always good as was the Sapporo ad and of course the best with The Most Interesting Man In The World. The lines on his legend never end:

"If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the urge to thank him."

"His passport requires no photograph."

"Cuba imports cigars from him.Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect.In museums, he is allowed to touch the art."

"At the book store, people crowd to see him read."

"Sasquatch have been known to take photos of him."

Yes that’s a guy you would not bother defending if he were kicked by everyone in public let alone join in with a few yourself.

Some just have to learn the very hard way, as obviously to be that dumb and lame no one got through to him before.

What a dumb-butt bojack loser.

Think about what you’re saying guys. Love or hate the ads, the whole idea is to get you guys to remember the ad and the company! You’ve done that in spades! They’ve done their job. Some ads are designed to be obnoxious to the point you hate them. That’s why the “bozo” gets the big bucks. I wish I were that bozo. :rockin:

Beagle, no you don't want to be that guy, for if we found you we'd have to kick you on the ground and possibly take your money too. :slight_smile:

Don't put it past many who would be driven to resort to that behaviour just to stop the flow of creativity to inspire such bad ads that of course we remember!