Is the CFL going over board with all the advertising

Players wear logos on their jerseys advertising companies. The stupid folding boards along both sidelines in BC Place. The constant 360 degree digitized advertising banner circling the stadium between the lower and upper decks in B.C. Place. The commercials that are being aired on the huge HD screen at BC Place.

It's just as bad going to an NHL game at Rogers Arena. Advertising is constantly in your face. Even the zamonie is plastered with advertising. Now at certain times little minions with shovels come and clean the ice. Guess what? Even the shovels and buckets are marked, "Mikes Hard Lemonade".

I for one am sick of all of this advertising. Even the Lions playing field is marked. What's sneaky, is that if you happen to be watching the game on TV you'll see logos on the playing field that are really not there but show up on your TV screen. The NHL is now doing the same thing behind the goals. You'll see a digitized image that is computer generated for only the TV audience.

It is getting to the point that we don't go to games to enjoy a great football game , we go so we can be inundated [assaulted as someone said] with constant advertising. I don't go to a Lions game to watch a freaking commercial on a huge HD screen. I go to a live game to get away from that garbage. For almost 3 hours while trying to enjoy the game my attention is drawn to the advertising all around. How do you avoid not seeing it? You don't.

I remember in the "old" days at Empire Stadium when the field looked like a football field. It was clean and well marked. The goal posts weren't wrapped with "Sports Action" logos. Players were not advertising Rona or Scotia Bank. I didn't have to look at advertising on the playing field.

What next? A game ball with a Wendy's baconator pic on it?

Advertising is huge business and companies are more than willing to shell out big bucks to get a few square feet [or inches] of space so that 25,000+ are exposed for 3 hours and I realize advertising is a reality. Some have argued that it is needed to "pay the bills". I don't think so. It wasn't needed to this extent in the 50s or 60s or even later. The CFL, the NHL and other other sports venues do it for profit reasons and nothing more. But it is just too much.

You can't even escape the advertising ploys listening to the game on the radio. It isn't the "red " zone, it's the Chevrolet zone, or the Canadian Tire zone. It is no longer 1st and 10 at the Lions 15. It is, "It's another Kal Tire first and ten on the Canadian Tire 15 yard line.

Oh pahleeez........ excuse me while I go to the bathroom to do a Speedy Muffler dump.

what ever it takes to provide us with the game is just fine with me.

NO ! The more advertising = more money = CFL :thup: :thup:


Hmmm...just read your profile FYB. Now I'm beginning to understand where you're coming from. :rockin:

Ahh....come on jman..... work with me on this. :thup:

The best I can do is that the Wendy's commercials during the games on TV are annoying.

But I guess that I am young enough where really all my life theres always been a tremendous amount of advertising in sports.

Sports, advertising, corporate dollars etc. all goes hand in hand. At least the CFL operates unlike say the Leafs where you don't have to even try and win, the corporate masses and public just buy in regardless. That is the total antipathy of what it should be. I have no problem with the very limited CFL advertising there is compared with the "bigs" as they are called. This is on a much smaller level, thank goodness. :thup:

Yes, if you've grown up with it I guess it is something you're used to. In the NHL there was a time when you did not see all the advertising panels around the ice rink. If you were to look at old stock films of old games it looks very weird. Same thing out at the old Empire Stadium when games were being played out there.

Basically what I'm getting at there is such a thing as over kill where we have all reached saturation point and cannot take in anymore. The focus is shifting from no longer come and let us entertain you but to expose the fan to as much advertising and selling of product as humanly possible while we have the fan for 3 hours. There is something wrong with that.

Another example is movie theatres. People go to movie theatres to watch the movie on the big screen and to get away from commercials and advertising. Now, they are showing commercials right in the theatre before the movie begins. I think that is wrong. I'm not saying that some advertising is not necessary but it needs to be done in moderation.

Pro sports is no longer about teams entertaining the fans. It is about using a sporting event to generate as much revenue through concession/merchandise sales and advertising sales as is possible. Just look at what the Super Bowl generates.

At the present time players' uniforms can only have certain sized logos and only a certain number of logos. Why? Why not allow as many logos and whatever size can be accommodated as possible? Why not have the field covered with company advertisements? The companies willing to the highest dollar get the most space. Why not make the end zones huge Wendy's logos? It never stops.


My concern is that the CFL is heading in the very direction you speak of.

I draw the line at advertising for adult entertainment and products, like phone sex lines, viagra and condoms, etc

I do not have any problem with sports advertising since I have lived with it in some form since I was born at the start of the eighties. While it's ever increasing (intruding some might say) into our daily lives, there is nothing we can do about it...

At least Rona finally starting making some good commercials... I was really tired of Our man Carlos.

True enough beagle.

Yeah, Im 22 so it has been around pretty much all the time.

I'm willing to bet that we are going to see Viagra, [or similar] condoms, feminine hygiene products being "discreetly" advertised with 3-5 years. Marketers are always doing studies of demographics.

I'm old enough to remember no ads on the field, no easel board ads around the field, no logos on jerseys. The only markings on the field were the yard lines and numbers, and diagonal lines marking the end zones, and the big mud patch down the middle. And I say, "Why not?" Revenue is revenue, and every little bit helps. There's probably a limit, and I'll know it when I see it (maybe), but they're not quite there yet.

In an ideal world, I'd have no advertising anywhere, though to be honest I don't usually find it it to be a real distraction, and it brings in revenue that at least a couple of the teams still desperately need. I imagine it also provides some revenue stability, as opposed to tickets and merchandise sales which could fluctuate throughout the year depending on weather, team record, and fickleness of fan base.

The only sporting event where I've ever felt like advertising has gone too far for my tastes is the Spengler Cup hockey tournament, where the advertising on the uniforms is far more blatant than it is on the CFL uniforms, each of the 5 face-off circles is an advertisement, and there are ads between the blue lines close to the sides of the rink.

While I recognize the need for advertising, I have to say that the Nissan "Drive your team" ads make me want to heave. They do not promote the league and would never motivate me to buy any Nissan product.

I've seen a few of those. They're terrible, and I really wish TSN and/or Nissan would pull them.

Have you ever watched a European sports league? Soccer, rugby, hockey their jerseys are covered in logos and sponsors. For soccer and rugby, the sponsor jersey on the front is at least 10 times the size of the team logo! I don’t mind two tiny logos on the jerseys, and as for the ring between the bowls of the stadium, the sideline ads and the commercials on the big screen, I have to say I barely notice them. I’m either watching the play, or the replay on the screen. I don’t find the advertising distracting at all.

yup the Nissan ads are awful. simply awful.

how can they put that crap on TV?