is the CFL draft televised?

just wondering if it is. I watched an episode of the Simpson's the other day, the one where Ned Flanders opens the Leftorium. Any way, the family goes to a barbecue Ned Flanders is hosting, and Homer stays home, and watches the CFL draft, and the commentator says"the Saskatchewan Roughriders only scored 4 rouges last season, that was the least in the CFL, they're going to look for improvement in that area" i found that hilarious, but it also made me wonder if it was televised or not.

It is not televised

But they show it online, don't they?

They have in the past but I dont know about this year

The closest it has been to being televised was an episode of the Simpsons about 10 years ago where Homer is lying on the couch bored watching the CFL draft on TV and it announces "Now drafting in the 11th round - the Saskatchewan Roughriders" - followed by the classic Homer "Doh"